1 Top Blog Post Topic You Can Always Write About

Now, what could this super evergreen, top blog post topic be? Writing this about this blog topic has been on my mind for a while now, and it is more in response to a question I often get asked. And the question is “What should I write about? I don’t have any new ideas”. Here’s another one: “Is there a top blog post topic I could use?”. Or other statements that are often laced with frustration – even despair – such as “I am so boring that I don’t even have anything to write about, while I know so much”. Seriously?! I empathize with you as I know what it’s like. I’ve gone through similar, seemingly dry patches of inspiration.

Here’s the thing, though. The solution to this problem is actually really easy. Super easy, in fact. And you just need to either do – or be aware of the fact that you are already doing – just ONE thing. It will make sure that you never, ever run out of ideas to what to write about. Continue reading to find out what it is…

The Root Cause

Those who follow my blog posts, videos etc here and on social media probably know one thing about me. Top Blog Post TopicAnd that one thing is that I look beyond what the “problem” is – I look at possible causes for the perceived problem. Let me explain.
If you don’t have new topics to write about for your blog post, then the problem might be not that you actually have run out of ideas. Or, that you have nothing more left to write.

I have found that it is actually not about the top blog post topic at all. It is usually something else that is causing this thought of “lack” to arise. And that “something else” I am alluding to could be a real problem, or just a perceived one.

Ask Yourself This

Before we talk about what the top blog post topic is, I want you to ask yourself this: “Did I learn something new earlier today? Or yesterday?”. Top Blog Post TopicWhat you learned about could be anything: something to do with internet marketing such as a new traffic method. Or a simple way to write powerful and high-converting headlines? A cool new way to improve productivity easily, maybe? Or even something about a very pathetic product you tried out and didn’t get anything other than wasting a lot of time. How about a recent experience and left you with a lesson you learned and is worthy of sharing?

So, what’s YOUR answer to this question you asked yourself? And you’ll have to be brutally honest here. Did you learn something recently? Anything at all? Now if your answer was “No, I didn’t learn anything”, then this could be one of two possible things.

  1. You likely learned one or more things but do not think they are either worthy of sharing or new OR that no one would be interested in reading what you have to share.
  2. You really did not learn anything new at all

Who Cares About What I Know or Learned

If it is 1. from two possible things above, then this is quite normal, as we often believe that what we learn or discover – or what we have to share – is actually not all that valuable. Here’s the thing, though – you don’t know for sure! That is what YOU think while others, probably, might find your experience to be totally valuable.

And if you are probably not aware of the fact that you learned something new. Revisit this question. It is highly unlikely that you have not learned anything new. There has to be something new that you learned. Even if you were holed up in a cave where it is pitch dark and no one else around, you’ve learned how it feels to be alone there. I, like many others, haven’t had that experience. I’d love to know about it. What is learned is always of value – to someone, somewhere, sometime.

And after deep introspection, and in the unlikely event that you really conclude it was 2., in that you really didn’t learn anything new, then you have a totally different problem.

Constant Learning Always Provides You With A Blog Post Topic

I came across the statement many years back that “If you are not learning, you are not growing. And if you are not growing, you’re dying!” Wow! I thought that it was a bit morbid when I read it the first time. Top Blog Post TopicThe statement evidently did not make a qualm about linking the absence of learning straight to mortality – nothing in between.

After some introspection, I discovered the truth initially obscured by the very dramatic claim in the statement. And the truth has been proven time and over again, both in history and my personal experience. We have to be constantly learning something. If what we learn helps us get closer to the goal we have in mind, then it is awesome. And if we cannot see yet the value of what we have learned, then it might be not clear yet but might be in the future.

We have to constantly learn and educate ourselves.

The 1 Top Blog Post Topic

The truth is that you can blog about anything – really anything. It could be a travel destination, a recipe, why and how much you love your pet, the benefits of consuming goat milk to human – literally anything! Top Blog Post TopicBut there is one topic that will always be relevant and never dry up, and that is this:

If you constantly learn something or the other, and we have now established that whatever you have learned is of value, then what better topic for a blog post could it be than to WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED? It’s that easy! Just write about what you have recently learned and shared your knowledge and your experience. Not only will you benefit others by sharing your experience, you will also retain the learning much better and for a lot longer by having written about it. It is really powerful. Writing about what you learned is the 1 top blog post topic – and it will always be. It really is as simple as that.

The Magic of Simplicity

Like I often mention, I love simplicity! I truly believe the ability to cut things to their simplest forms is actually a sign of very high competence, experience, and even natural ability. Not everyone I have come across can do that.Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 21_Fotor

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