1 Weird Smartphone Productivity Hack To 10X Within 10 Minutes

No, it is not another app! Now, I love my smartphone. And I’m sure you love yours too. Now we have all come to love our smartphones and the amazing benefit they provide us. They have also quickly evolved to our most frequently used “access point” to the internet. Though with all the advantages they bring comes also one sworn enemy of those of us focused on getting things done. And entrepreneurs – especially online / digital entrepreneurs – have to be focussed to get things done, right?

So what is this one big, sworn enemy of productivity? What are some of its attributes? And is there a way to defeat this sworn enemy and let productivity triumph and claim victory? YES, THERE IS! I recently learned this weird, yet super-simple trick to gain back control of productivity. Now that I have tested, I’d love to share it with you. Read further to find out more – you will be amazed…

Off-Plan Often

Here’s the thing – As a former corporate executive and now successful entrepreneur, you’ll believe me when I say that I DO know quite a bit about effective time management. In fact, time management is actually not also the perfectly right word – it’s prioritizing and managing ACTIVITIES, and then setting a time-frame to accomplish them. And I have been doing this for almost all of my life – and successfully, too. I write down everything I want to accomplish on paper – in my time planner, basically! And it has worked really well for me.

With the advent of the smartphone revolution, I have, however, found myself in the recent past often not being able to stick to what I set out to do. Or only do a lesser than I thought I would do, or used to be able to do in a given time-frame. So I introspected and analyzed what was going on to uncover the “sworn enemy”, whom I have now the pleasure to introduce you to.

The Sworn Enemy – The “Hypnotist”

I am talking about none other than DISTRACTION. Simple as it sounds, distraction is one of the most powerful things that brings me off-track from what I had set out to do. And it comes in various forms – messages from social media that are surely important but not relevant to be read exactly when received, interesting information on social media feeds or emails…the list is really long.

The other, striking thing about most forms of distraction is its near “hypnotic effect”. We often don’t even realize we are distracted while we actually ARE. hack trick smartphone 10x productivityDistraction so lovingly takes us in its comforting fold and has us spell-bound before we even at times know that we are distracted from what we set out to do.

And don’t get me wrong – this is not about totally shutting ourselves off from social media, email, and the rest. We actually totally need these as they are invaluable! Putting the smartphone away for a while in a different room when concentrating on something is a great way to shut out distraction – that’s actually a productivity hack in itself, by the way. But I have found that this effective method while solving the problem of sources of distraction, does not actually let the real solution surface. And the real solution is a state of mind, which I’ll talk about next.

Time Awareness

The REAL solution to mitigating distraction is being AWARE of time and the fact that it is passing. And as it passes, to continuously make a constant choice of whether it is being used productively, OR whether it is actually being wasted by means of distraction. THAT is the real solution to the problem of distraction. It lies in our response to it. And it comes from time-awareness.

By responding to distraction with focus on what we were doing, the impact distraction has on us weakens. And the more often we respond with focus, the stronger the focus gets. It’s actually really that easy. One could say that the response itself is the productivity hack, but there is more to it. Now, there are many ways to develop this mindset. However, most of them take quite a bit of time to practice and carry out. There has to be something more simple, more immediate. Would you agree?!

Now, there are many ways to develop this mindset I’m talking about. However, most of them take quite a bit of time to practice and carry out. There has to be something more simple, more immediate. Would you agree?!

The 30-Minute Increments

One of the most effective approaches to planning your day are to see in increments of 30 minutes. Breaking up a day in such increments makes has advantages at various levels. We’re getting really close to the now productivity hack I’m talking about. For example, you can schedule and prioritize tasks and arrange them in these increments. This would create a task list and priority list at the same time – that is truly powerful. Tasks taking longer than 30 minutes would obviously be planned with multiple 30-minute increments, but the principle remains the same.

There are many more advantages to planning days as increments – and you can choose different intervals (such as increments of an hour, for example) and we won’t discuss all those advantages here. From personal experience, planning days in such increments dramatically improves productivity. I deeply encourage you to try this out – I have been doing this for a long time now and it works wonders for me. If you work for 8 hours, for example, then you’d look to plan the 8 hours in a total of (8×2, or) 16 increments of 30 minutes each. For 10 hours, you’d have 20 increments.

Though despite the power of this method, distractions still have made their way into this system. I have often noticed being thrown off of my own, very well planned and highly productive 30-Minute increment day. Busy working on my computer with the smartphone lying next to me, a message or notification coming in is enough to throw me off of the plan. Now that’s totally justified if it is an important message. Distraction wins, however, when it interrupts with something not necessarily important and time critical. This is when time awareness comes into play as a remedy and there is one slightly weird, yet a totally easy method to maintain focus in the light of distraction. It’s the Alarm Technique.

Productivity Hack Using The Alarm Technique

Let me warn you upfront. You will find what you read next a bit peculiar in the beginning. Trust me, though, if it were not powerful, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. This is a real productivity hack! I would have used the 30-Minute increments I have invested in creating this post to get this ultra-powerful message across to you for something else.  hack trick smartphone 10x productivityWe talked about the 30-minute increments above. Now, all smartphones come with an alarm function. All you need to do is to set an alarm for every half-hour in your smartphone for the entire duration of the working hours (and even probably before or after, if you choose to plan those accordingly, too – I do that). Set each alarm to ring every day (I suggest including the weekends, too, but weekdays is a minimum). Call the alarm something like CHECK-IN or something else that you easily associate with keeping on track with time and schedule. Irrespective of your level of experience using mobile phones, this entire procedure cannot take you longer than about 10 minutes to set up. And once in place, you don’t have to touch it again unless you want to tweak it!

It might sound simple – even a bit stupid – in the beginning, to set an alarm for each half-hour. The truth is, though, that this productivity hack is programming your brain to be Time-Aware. And as the brain is like a muscle and gets stronger and stronger if trained repeatedly in a certain way, so will your awareness of time. A stronger time-awareness makes is easy to brush away distractions when then come in. You don’t have to do much – the brain and mind do it all for you at that point!


Sneak-peak Into My Smartphone

Below you’ll find screenshots of what my smartphone looks like when I go to the alarm section. You’ll see alarms set up all the way from 5 am (which is when I get up – you don’t have to, but I do) all the way up to 10:30 PM (I strive to be sleeping around 11 PM). Every 30 minutes, I am constantly being reminded of time passing. And the alarm asks me to check-in and I review if the last 30 minutes were spent productively or not.

hack trick smartphone 10x productivityhack trick smartphone 10x productivityhack trick smartphone 10x productivityhack trick smartphone 10x productivityhack trick smartphone 10x productivity

 and here’s the early morning one, which you can – but don’t have to – do…

hack trick smartphone 10x productivity

As we are all human and succumb to distractions, let’s say you did indulge and literally wasted the last 30 minutes doing absolutely NOTHING productive. Now I want you to ask yourself this. After checking in when you see the alarm, what is the likelihood that you will waste the next 30 minutes? My guess is that chances are that you will spend them productively – and increasingly so!

Improvements I achieved With This Productivity Hack

I am living proof for this system and productivity hack working. Though I have used the 30-minute increment technique for years in planning and prioritizing my tasks, using 30-minute alarms has increased my focus and productivity multiple-fold. Imagine what it could do for you!

Imagine yourself 10-times more productive than you are now (and this is really no exaggeration) relatively soon and that, too, by doing something that took you not even 10 minutes to set up once. Would you take those life-changing 10 minutes and invest them into improving your productivity? I think you would.

Things to be Aware Of

This productivity hack does not need a smartphone, necessarily. Any time-keeping device that can be programmed to produce an alarm every 30 minutes (or whatever interval you choose) without you having to do it manually would work perfectly for you.

Also, you’d have to discipline yourself from becoming “alarm-blind”. What this means is that you start ignoring alarms when they ring and just turn them off without checking in. Always check in and reflect on the last 30 minutes when the alarm rings.

There are many other methods to becoming aware of time, and generally increasing your productivity. Not all have been covered here, obviously. Yet, if you set this one up and check-in every 30 minutes, you will be amazed by the results – just try it out.

Simplicity and its Mega-Power

Like I wrote in my earlier blog post about 3 hacks to create high-converting, attention-grabbing headlines, I love simplicity. I believe the ability to reduce things to their simplest forms is actually a great sign. A sign of very high competence, experience, and even natural ability. Not everyone I came across can do that.Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 21_Fotor

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The Simple and Reliable Way to Online Success

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