3 Ultra-Simple Hacks to Writing Catchy Headlines Super-Fast

Getting Headlines – or subject lines – right is crucially important. They have to be instantly catchy headlines. The attention timespan between a reader making a decision whether or not they read a post further based on the headline is between 2-3 seconds. That effectively also the “time window of opportunity” that will decide whether all the hard work you invested in writing your post will be read, or become history for the reader. It is crucially important to get the headline right – whether it is on a squeeze page, email or blog post. High converting, catchy headlines are an absolute must!

How do the pros get it right every time? What’s their secret sauce, if they have one? And is there a way for you to get it right each time to write subject lines going forward? Well, there are 3 ultra-simple hacks that will transform subject line writing for you. Read further to find out…

Now, if you haven’t already I strongly recommend you have a look at my blog post about supercharging subject lines. It talks in detail about what you need to bear in mind while writing catchy headlines. Together with that post, this blog post on the 3 Ultra-Simple hacks gives you the “toolkit” to getting subject lines right straight away. What I’m sharing here draws from a discussion and instruction in a highly exclusive internet marketing group that I am a part of. As I have your best interests in mind, I am hence sharing this valuable information with you. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it:

Watch this brief video to see me walk you through this and then go through the examples below. I’m going to make you a catchy headline writing Samurai by the end of this blog post (ha!):

Hack #1 to Catchy Headlines:   X ways to Y

1 x ways to yThis is about talking about a certain Number of ways to a Specific result.

Think about Y to be the target or goal to be achieved, and X to be the number of ways to get there.

It’s really that easy!

Here are some examples of catchy headlines that will make it perfectly clear to you:

  • 7 ways to dramatically increase squeeze page conversions
  • 3 easy ways to maximize profits from your list building
  • 5 simple ways to get as much targeted free traffic on demand as you need
  • 4 easy steps to leveraging the power of magazines to writing catchy headlines
  • 2 simple ways to stop your dog barking at your neighbor
  • 5 simple ways to improve your golf swing and increase your range
  • 3 sneaky ways to ensure that your partner is not cheating
  • 4 ways to get you ex back
  • 5 stupid-simple ways to get the beach body you dream of

Ultra-simple, right? The moment this headline is seen, it will immediately attract attention and if Y is the readers’ target, then they’d immediately find out what these ways are.

Hack #2 to Catchy Headlines: X ways to Y in Z time

This is the same as Hack #1, just with a timeframe added to it for achieving the goal. Needless to say, whatever follows needs to be achievable in the timeframe suggested. Z is the amount of time the goal needs to be achieved in.2 x ways to y in z time

Adding a timeframe to the first hack gives it more power and makes it more tangible.

Here are some examples for Hack #2:

  • 10 ways to stop your Puppy peeing inside in just 2 days!
  • 3 ways to lose 5lbs in 5 days
  • 2 simple tricks to earn your first commissions online within one week
  • 3 ways to killing belly fat in just 8 days
  • 2 stupid-simple ways to get as much traffic you want in a short time
  • 2 simple ways to get massive website traffic in just 2 weeks
  • 5 ways to increase your sales video conversions in 7 days
  • 7 ways to get unlimited number of leads in your email list in 10 days
  • 3 ninja ways to earn high-ticket commissions within your first month online
  • 10 simple ways to grow your online business 100% in 100 days
  • 10 ways to $5,000 in just 2 weeks
  • 2 ways to lose 3 inches off your waist without dieting in 30 days
  • 5 ways to compelling headlines in 10 minutes
  • 3 easy ways to improve your blog post and better monetize your blog in just 10 minutes

Hack #3 to Catchy Headlines: How to X without Y

This is all about achieving a goal (X) without having to do something normally associated with achieving that goal (Y).3 how to x without y

X is the goal or target to be achieved;
Y is something you can’t – or don’t want to – do. This is typically something difficult.

Here are some super examples:

  • How to make high-ticket sales online without any experience
  • How to build an insanely high converting sales funnel without any technical ability
  • How to make perfect cat clothes without any seamstress experience
  • How to make $10,000 commission-months without a list
  • How to drive traffic to your site without any SEO skills
  • How to get a beach body you want in 7 weeks without dieting
  • How to become a powerful life coach without any academic qualifications
  • How to create the perfect Facebook Ads without any copywriting experience
  • How to become a perfect copywriter without any grammar
  • How to connect with the internet marketing greats online without bugging them?

You see how simple it is? Ultra-simple.

Note on starting headlines with numbers

While these might be basically thought to be for squeeze pages, they work also work for email marketing for anything else, too. There is some concern at times about email subjects starting with numbers to be marked as promotion or spam by some email providers. You could always consider the following among many alternatives to find out what works best for you:

  • writing the number in words (Ten, instead of 10), or
  • Start with one or more words such a Discover, or Find out, or Learn and then use the number (Discover 10 wierd ways to…)

The Raw Power of Simplicity

Like I mentioned, using these 3 hacks makes it ultra-simple to create high-converting, attention-grabbing headlines. You can use these equally so for writing e-mails and increasing open rates. You list of subscribers, if you are into email marketing, will love it. It will also help you send them emails as often as you want while including promotions in them every time. All you need to get right is the right timing of when to send the emails. Find out more about it here.Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 21_Fotor

I love simplicity. I believe the ability to reduce things to their simplest forms is actually a sign of very high competence, experience, and even natural ability. Not everyone I came across can do that.

I did come across one very simple and structured way to becoming successful online. It is actually captured beautifully in a 4-part video training series, which you can have totally for FREE. Click the link below and get access to it. It is my mission to help others become successful so this is my gift of pure value to you. It’ll help you take your online activities to the next level for sure – I know you’ll love it!

Get your FREE video training here.

The Simple and Reliable Way to Online Success

If you have been using email marketing or just getting started off, you surely know the value of being as targeted in your efforts as you possibly can. The best approach to getting results by being focused and targeted is by deploying a system that has worked for others in the past. If you are on the lookout for such a system, I’d like to recommend something to you. It is called the Big Commission Blueprint.Big Commission Blueprint

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