elcome to my page and thank you for your interest in wanting to find out more about me.

Though let me tell you something right away: you are probably in for a very different story than what one often gets to hear. And this especially applies to the internet marketing (IM) niche. Nevertheless, it’s mine to tell and I am honored to share it with you.

And for taking the time to get to know me, I have a special, free gift for you on this page as my way of saying Thank You. So here we go:

I am Sameer Joshi, and I’m an Internet Marketer.

Here are a few things to know about me:

  • I am a financially independent entrepreneur, owning businesses both in and outside of the internet.
  • In my former life, I was a corporate executive, serving as Vice President / General Manager in a Fortune 500 multinational. While being absolutely grateful for all the success I was able to achieve there, I also realized that that wasn’t the path I wanted to follow.
  • Having undergone a lot of personal transformation in the past years, I found that all this positive change couldn’t have been possible without the internet,  specifically, the positive power of internet marketing.
    I now see internet marketing as a way of giving back. That’s right – giving back! Now, this might sound weird, at first, and totally opposite to what IM has come to be known for. Read on to find out more about what I mean by this – it’ll become very clear.

The 3 Attributes that affect a lot of what I do are that I am…

  1. deeply Curious
    I like to find out what works (and, in the process, what doesn’t), and how or why it works. I love to dig deeper, look behind the scenes – whatever it takes – to find out more that what just meets the eye. And I don’t give up on this quest.
  2. brutally Honest
    I prefer creating and operating out of what I like to call a No-BS-Zone. Fluff and sugar-coating surely have their place, but not so much in my world. Straight-out is the way to go! While I know that this can be polarizing, I have no issues with it.
  3. extremely Passionate
    about helping others becoming better versions of themselves, and discovering the genius that lies in each one of our absolutely unique self.

In all my work here and beyond, you’ll find these 3 attributes leaving their fingerprints everywhere

Corporate Me

I grew up in a very motivating environment and I developed in those years the unshakeable conviction. And this conviction was that I could do anything if I just set my mind to it, whatever the adversities. This has obviously turned out to be very helpful. Having said that, though, I was also unwittingly groomed by society and surroundings back then into the mindset that my professional salvation lies in the corporate world.

cocktail19 copy_FotorAnd it came as no surprise that the corporate world was also exactly where I landed after my education! What followed was exposure to not just personal and professional growth in the corporate world but also exposure to some really exciting businesses such as renewable energy, electrifying trains, and road traffic systems – to name a few.

Green or renewable energy particularly intrigued me – and propelled by my deep curiosity, I also did a doctorate on its business aspects while still working full-time in my corporate job. So everything was seemingly perfect – I was a happy life-enthusiast, family man and, particularly, a successful professional.

The Little Problem

There was just one little problem, however – I was not particularly happy. Something was amiss.

Some sincere introspection, followed by being brutally honest with myself gave me the clarity that despite the evident success, a job in a big corporation was not the way for me to go in the long-term. I knew that no matter big my responsibility, ultimately it would never be the business’ owner. While the money was good, I had very little freedom. I would hardly have any time to spend with my family.

And what also really bothered me was that though I was able to generate commercial success, I was not being able to help as many people I would have wanted to. Not to say that a corporate job is a bad thing – quite the contrary, mine was great, as was my employer – but it is not necessarily for everyone. It was time for a substantial change.

The Transformational Power of Introspection

Introspection, born out of personal dissatisfaction, is one of the most powerful teachers there is, as I experienced. While undergoing a transformation at almost all levels – that of the body, mind, and senses – I started educating myself about various thiSJ Carpntr copy_Fotorngs in niches such as dietary changes, weight control & loss, spirituality & meditation, and personal development.

And as I kept learning, I also took action and successfully implemented what I was learning. Other than the books that I was reading to educate myself, guess where all this new information was coming from?!

Yes, you guessed it right – the internet! And how was it coming to me? Well, through some form or the other of internet marketing that was going on in the background – some good, some not at all good. As I got to know more and more about the niches mentioned earlier, my curiosity drove me to find out more about the all-encompassing internet marketing niche.

And that was the beginning of one heck of a “bitter-sweet” experience – as I’m just about to explain.

The IM Niche

IM has some very successful players, who are very knowledgeable and honorable. I have learned a lot from them, and I continue to do so. Other than them, however, I came across, and interacted closely with, two broad groups of marketers:

  1. The Bitters
    Ones who’d heard about internet marketing as an easy way to make money viewed everything as a get-rich-quick scheme, and were practically peddling any crap they’d get their hands on in the name of providing “value”. Not to say that these persons are necessarily bitter in any way – we’re just talking about their approach to internet marketing. You have my apologies for being this direct, but I did say I’m brutally honest.
    Ok, so now that we’ve mentioned this group, let’s get them out-of-the-way and talk about the second group.
  2. The Sweets
    The honest, sincere entrepreneurs, who had their prospective customers’ best interest in mind but were themselves struggling to set up any meaningful presence online.These were mostly also the ones, who’d made little to no money online, and had often gone from one “shiny object” (as in online course, or software tool) for their business but had never achieved any meaningful results. Despite their best intentions, they are the ones who typically don’t have a high converting product they can sell upfront, let alone a series of products of increasing value that should follow thereafter (i.e. the sales funnel). Also no mentor, coach or similar who could show them the path to success. This group also includes the ones who’ve generated some, or even moderate, success online but don’t know what the heck to do to take things to the next level.

New Frontiers

Now, this was also the time I started my activities online, after having successfully established a green and sustainability-based business outside of the internet in the physical world (I hate to call it the real world because the internet as real as anything else is).

New as I was to the online world then, I was bound to make mistakes – and I sure did! And I still do, by the way, but not so many. Some ventures flopped miserably! Though looking back, these turned out to be my best teachers. Other ventures have turned out to be rather successful, to my great pleasure and as reassurance that even total newbies can generate success online if they are determined to do so.

Now, I work from home and share my time in a given year between living in Germany, the US, and India. I obviously don’t commute to work anymore (that was one thing I absolutely despised), and I get to spend a lot more time with my family than I have ever been able to. Most notably, I now only do things that I see value in doing – especially if this involves helping others becoming better versions of themselves in whatever they are doing (I am really passionate about this).

Two Cents to the Two Groups

Coming back to the two groups I talked about earlier here’s what I have to say to each group:

  1. To the Bitters: My work, this site and the information contained in it is not meant for, or directed towards, you. I wish you well, and should you ever decide to take a more serious and sustainable approach to your business, I am here for you together with my partners, team, mentors – everything! To say it in the words of one of my favorite authors, G.D. Roberts, “there’s a way to be good again”.
  2. And to the Sweets: Guess what! I know exactly where you are at, and how you feel. How come?! Well, how else do you think I felt when I just started off? Or even after having started off, I’d made absolutely no money online at the time? I’ve been there and I know exactly how it is. And the best part is this: My goal with this site is to share with you the experiences on I’ve had – and continue to have – as an entrepreneur and let you know what works, and what doesn’t so that you can take that knowledge, the tools, and the methods and apply them to your business and make it successful. Remember, I am deeply curious and brutally honest, which helps me get the insights I have. And as I am passionate about helping people like yourselves, I’ll be here to guide you on your path to (continued) success, so you’ll never have to feel lost or overwhelmed again.

So coming back to what I said right at the beginning: This is how I am going to use this site and my work here to give back, and enable success – YOUR SUCCESS in your online business.

Action and You

There’s one thing, however, I ask of you: If the insights and tips I share make sense to you, then please(!) TAKE ACTION. Implement! Don’t procrastinate or overthink or just not do anything at all – Just. Go. Do. It!IMG_2173
I am instantly reminded of the words of the Mahatma when I say this to you. There is no substitute for you taking action – none!

“Without action, you aren’t going anywhere.”

Thank You

I very much appreciate the time you have taken to get to acquaint yourself with what I have done until now. In appreciation for you having taken the time, I have a special, free gift for you. It is a free 4-part video training series with pure content to improve your business. So, if you haven’t done so already, feel free to ahead and get it here right now!

So that’s the overview of my story of how I got here. I’ll be sharing more about my journey right here on this site – so do stay tuned!

To your success!

Sameer Joshi Square_Fotor

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