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Automating social media presence is a  passionately debated topic. I personally utilize it rather sparingly, and I’ll share in this post how automation can assist preserve an acceptable presence in times such as the upcoming holiday period. Thanks to the increase in user-friendly automation tools, it is not necessary to be a hard-core techie to be able to do this. And, depending upon how hands-off you wish to be, you can personalize automation to cater to your requirements.

You may well have already arranged the presents, food and household logistics etc. Yet, those running a company have a lot more to think of. The bright side is that there’s something you can place on auto-pilot over the vacations, which’s social networks. In this post, I’ll be covering big and small ways you can utilize social networks to make taking a break over the holiday period a bit easier. It may appear like more work to do now, however, just like any huge event, preparation is essential! And always remember that the key is to use automation sparingly and in moderation. To find out what you can – and cannot – do, find out more and…

First things first: Social Media Automation – Yes or No?

Let’s get this out of the way first as some totally support social media automation and its use in their business, and others totally abhor it. And there are obviously almost all shades of gray in between these two extremes. I am one such “shade”. Here’s why: I believe that social media automation should be used wherever it can make the life of people in the business easier. However, this should be WITHOUT pretending to the people out there that humans are interacting with them, and not machines (or bots, which is what most automated systems are).

If I were to compare this with what goes on with my garden. Yes, my home’s garden (one could call it a technology jungle, too  – no pun intended). There are various systems in it. These include those for automated watering of plants in the garden intelligently based on real-time weather and soil conditions, systems for lighting, sound system, waterfall etc. It is known in the neighborhood and among my close friends as a bit of a technology “valley” but they know I am fond of such things. Now, I could water the garden and all its plants on my own, but an automated system can do that, too, which is fine. Needless to say, it is perfectly irrigated all year around. Now for me to pretend to everyone that it was ME who stood there twice a day and watered it is not just unethical but grossly inappropriate. Here’s how social media automation of your business’ online presence can help! Though let’s look at what some cool social media automation tricks could help you and your business.


First off, I’d like to thank the awesome team of Quuu, a company whose services I use (but I am in no way affiliated with), for inspiring the content and timing of this post. Special thanks to Amy. I also participated in a nice little chat session hosted by Quuu – my first time on Twitter and quite a bit of fun. I talk about Quuu a bit later in the post but let’s first talk about Facebook, the ultra-giant of social media.

Rapidly respond to Facebook inquiries

Assuming you have a Facebook page (or fan page), you are aware of the messaging functionality the page has. It uses what is called the Response Assistant. Now, you can curb some of the concerns utilizing the Response Assistant if you get a lot of inquiries from individuals by means of a direct message on your Facebook Page.
This function enables you to establish 3 pre-written automated messages for your fans: a welcome message that appears at the start of any brand-new discussion, a blanket auto-response message, and an out-of-hours message, sent out when your status is set to ‘Away’.

  1. a welcome message that appears at the start of any brand-new discussion,
  2. a blanket auto-response message, and
  3. an out-of-hours message, sent out when your status is set to ‘Away’.

This is incredibly useful for numerous reasons. You can…

  1. Notify visitors of important information, like your hours-of-operation over the holiday period.
  2. Set expectations for how responsive you’ll be
  3. Rapidly address typical concerns, or connect to a support/FAQ guide.
  4. Alert clients of any seasonal offers

This tutorial from @beebomco offers you detailed directions for establishing the Response Assistant – it’s actually easy.

Compose social networks posts ahead of time

Post Scheduling is potentially the most widely used form of social media automation. This functionality permits you to set up updates ahead of time. It is especially useful over the holiday period, as you can set up posts at times that are particularly difficult to be “present” – such as, the “morning-after-the-night-before” on New Year’s Day.

Some easy social networks posts you may wish to arrange ahead of time could be

  • Seasonal greetings to your fans on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve etc.
  • Periodic information about seasonal offers, sales, discount rate codes or competitors.
  • A smattering of posts, videos or other material you’ve produced for the celebration.

Advanced-Level Tactic: Produce tailored, branded images totally free utilizing tools like Canva, or paid ones like Youzign if you have time – it’ll look a lot more individual than sharing the other vacation images doing the rounds.

If you’re brand-new to scheduling, Buffer is really easy to us. I use it and I find the optimal-posting-time functionality really cool. There are, however, other options out there Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.
You can share a range of text, image or video-based posts, set your very own schedule, and customize it to each channel (not everybody desires the exact same variety of Facebook posts each day as they do tweets!). It is, however, crucial to be very selective of what gets posted on your timeline and channels.

Get curated material directly to Buffer

You can also instantly publish fantastic material that is customized to your specific niche using Quuu. Actually, I believe this is an excellent method to remain active on social media over the holiday period hands-free; when set up, it works in the background publishing material to your accounts.

When somebody mentions you, get notified

This one is for those who fret about leaving their social networks ignored. Exactly what if you miss out on an essential chance, or even worse, somebody grumbling about you all over Twitter? Well, thankfully, social media automation can resolve this too. Utilizing Zapier or IFTTT, you can establish notifies that inform you when somebody is speaking about you or your service in whatever kind matches you finest: e-mail, text, notice, the list goes on. This implies you can take a break from your work without losing out on any important developments!

If you have a blog site and strategy to publish some seasonal material there, you can likewise promote these instantly on social media. Much like the designs you transport out of storage every year, old blog site posts can be brought back to life throughout the vacations. Restore Old Posts is a cool little WordPress plugin that permits you to do simply that, instantly pressing links to ‘evergreen’ posts on social media.

Immediately restore old articles with Social Media Automation

Old blog site posts can be brought back to life throughout the holiday period and reused. Very similar to how you’d use decoration from previous years for the holiday season. Restore Old Posts is a cool little WordPress plugin that enables you to do simply that, immediately pressing links to ‘evergreen’ posts on social media.

Instantly promote brand-new posts

You can likewise promote these instantly on social media if you have a blog site and strategy to publish some seasonal material there. WordPress, in specific, makes this simple with loads of plugins that established automated updates whenever an article goes live. Popular choices consist of WP AutoSharePost and Jetpack Publicize.

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Over To You

If you are an entrepreneur – offline or online – what does your social media presence look like? Do you automate it, too, especially when it is holiday season time? If not, what strategies do you use to be active on social media? I’d LOVE to know more in the Comment box below.

Also, please Share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using the buttons on this page. I really appreciate you helping me spread my message.

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