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A very Happy New Year 2017, to start off with. 2016 was a truly awesome year – in so many ways this could be for a new online entrepreneur like me. Most importantly so, I started the online entrepreneurship venture of which this blog site and the brand iSameerJoshi is a part. The learning curve was absolutely steep. In fact, I think it was not a learning “curve” but a learning “line”. A straight line. At 90° or more to the ground. And while so it continues to be for me as a budding online entrepreneur, there were lots of successes – lots of firsts. And I celebrated them to the fullest.

Yet, there were things that did not go according to plan either. Or what I thought were the “right” things to do actually did not turn out to be such. Over the Christmas/New Year holiday period that just came to close for me, I reflected. And I had other, key persons, take stock of things for me, too. On what went really well, and where I went completely off-track. The clarity achieved from those absolutely valuable insights forms the basis of me and my business getting back on track. So, what were the insights? Where did I goof-up? And what you, as an online entrepreneur, can learn from it? To find out more…

… join me on this awesome journey in which I reveal everything! Not just to document my learnings but for me to share them with you. So that you don’t make the same mistakes.

Watch this video I did on a Facebook Live broadcast earlier to get a brief overview of what is contained in the blog post. However, only reading it until the end will deliver the messages and lessons learned that will benefit you.

How Did I Get Here?

Those of you who’ve followed my story know that I was very successful in the corporate world before I became an entrepreneur. My first entrepreneurial venture is an offline business in a traditional industry environment (manufacturing business), building upon my corporate success.

I landed up in the corporate world because that was the “right thing to do” based on how I was raised as a child and groomed by society. And it worked extremely well for me for nearly 20 years. Yet, I was not happy with what I was doing and where the journey was taking me. I knew I had to be an entrepreneur.back on track

And being “just” an offline entrepreneur was not enough – I have always had the strong desire of building a successful business online.

The online world, however, is completely different to its offline counterpart. There are some similarities around understanding how a business basically works. But the difference – however subtle they might seem at times – are HUGE.

A different set of rules governs what leads to online success compared to what works in the offline world, the key is to know the differences to generate success, talking of which…

The Success Addiction

I’ve often been asked if iI am addicted to anything. Equally often, I’ve shrugged my shoulders saying “Nothing I know of”.

Now, I do have a preference in that I would like to fail more often so I that I can learn from it – but I am not addicted to that – it’s just a like or preference.

Coming back to the addiction bit, however, the truth is that I am – just as I have always been – addicted to success. To being successful in whatever I take up to do. The extent of success is not crucial for this discussion as this can mean different things to different people.

I don’t know of a time when I have not wanted to be successful at whatever I am doing, or ever plan to do. And as long as it is done ethically. And it is this addiction that gets me back on track to achieve the meaning success I always strive to achieve. Fortunately, I have tasted success – and a lot of it.

The Perfect Backdrop

What I’ve written above provides the perfect backdrop for what I will now describe in terms of where I went off-track.

And, how it has been super-easy with a few simple tweaks to get back on track again.

We tend to overthink things and often get overwhelmed when trying to figure things out. This is easy to avoid, especially through openly discussing this with a sparring partner (this can be a mentor, guide, coach, friend – anyone who’s a well-wisher).

But before we talk about getting back on track, let’s now talk about where I messed up….

Newbie or Expert

We all typically want to share our experiences and be seen as experts in what we do. The perception is that only experts have a following and one must have a following to get anywhere.

True for me, too – I also want to be an absolute expert at everything I do. And though I am a relative newbie, I find myself being more knowledgeable at certain things many “experts” should know better than I do.

How do I do this? I EDUCATE myself intensively. Go deep into things until I fully and completely understand them. And then derive actionable steps that I can quickly implement thereafter.

Well, that’s great, isn’t it?! But it doesn’t change one thing: I am STILL relatively new at all this.

The major area I goofed up in the past 2-3 months is that I had already started believing that I am the authority that I am in the process of becoming. It is a JOURNEY, not a destination.

And this thing about “wanting to be an authority immediately” has contributed to me not fully enjoying each and every milestone that I have so successfully implemented, such as:

  • Building a blog (the one you are visiting) from scratch with no prior, in-depth knowledge of WordPress, themes, hosting etc.
  • Creating videos from scratch and editing them
  • Setting up and interconnecting every digital asset to everything else (or at least to the blog)

And, most crucially…

A Very Specific Example – Foundation of Getting Back on Track

Let me give you an example to make this very specific: When I got my first opt-in to my mailing list, or I made my first sale, I had two simultaneous responses to the very same occurrence:

  1. Major (and significant) Response: “This. Is. AWESOME!!!! I made my first sale online using this system. Or I got my first opt-in to my list of subscribers. YAY!!!!”
  2. Minor (yet not insignificant) Response: “This could have happened much earlier. This SHOULD have happened much earlier. Am I not the “expert” who already knows so much? Far more than many others starting off at a similar time? So how has this taken so long? Am I not working hard? Am I not on top of the game? Am I losing? Am I losing?”…..and on and on and on.

What?! Something AWESOME just happened and I was not being able to fully enjoy it. And this was because I was THINKING I should already be somewhere where I was not (yet), and should, therefore, have reason to be unhappy!!

No! This had to change. And the following note-to-self (reinforced also by my mentor) helped while doing wonders: “Sameer, you are relatively new to this. You are much further than many, but you are still new to this. You are already very knowledgeable but you still have more to learn – a lot more.”

Recognizing this is the foundation of getting back on track – the fact that my online entrepreneurial venture is a journey, not a destination. I have to fully enjoy each station of this journey.

Consistency – The Key To Getting Back on Track

I started out in the 2nd quarter of 2016 (read my blog post about this from back then – apologies for the rudimentary formatting in it). I laid out my strategy with the help of my mentor. The strategy detailed which traffic generation methods I would be focussing on (and whether these were paid or not), and what my steps would be.

I then started taking action in these areas. Very consistent action. And it was great. Results started coming in. It was great.

Then!!! I started getting distracted. By things that I thought were important (and they are), but not as important as the things I was doing.

Here’s an example: I have one my plan that I put up a blog post regularly. A post with value, sharing my experiences and helping my readers get further on their journey – even if it is just ONE little step further. I have been doing this consistently until about September 2016.

Then I understood that I should be focussing building up my presence on social media and this was ABSOLUTELY important. A noble cause, though I got totally sucked into it. I stopped blogging regularly.

Not good.

One of my coaches pulled my head out and told me “Your strategy has your blog as your centerpiece. Nothing else takes precedence over it. Your blog is the “senior partner” in your business’ team.”


The action resulting thereof is straightforward: I now blog consistently! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy – and this is a key element of being back on track again.

Content or Personality?

Imagine walking into a bar or pub and meeting an old friend or co-worker. And all they talk about all evening is what they are working on. Or how interesting, for example, the technology they are developing is. And follow up with one piece of content information after the other.

Nothing about themselves, their challenges, what they are experiencing. What they are succeeding or failing at. Or how they were doing as a PERSON. Or how their dog is going and if it still goes to their neighbor’s yard to attend to nature’s call!! Anything personal – just anything!

How warm do you think that conversation would be?

Here’s the thing: BOTH content and personality are important to share. And in the last months of 2016, my focus was only sharing content, content and more content!

This is reflective of the deep level of education I have made myself undergo, but this is not the only thing to talk about. I need to be talking more about ME! I’ve had to remind myself of what I had said back when I was traveling in Austria and had visited the Glass Crystals Museum.

This blog has to a reflection of not just my content but about the person that is me!

Getting back on track means, hence, to share more personal experiences than talk about the most awesome way to create headlines or what the best click tracking tool or autoresponder is.

Ha! Piece a cake!

Screwing Up is…Fine??

All that I have written above is obviously very self-critical. And it takes some courage to write it – I am aware of that. Yet, I reflected on a deeper layer of crud of why it is that I have been…

  • so fixated on the destination and not the journey
  • why being an expert and authority immediately has been more important than undergoing the steps to get there
  • why I have not been talking about these experiences as much as I have myself wanted to

Here’s the thing: I have spent a large part of the last two decades in high-performance, unforgiving environments. Without being critical or judgmental of them, it is true that mistakes there are severely frowned upon. Perfectionists are what’s required everywhere and always. It is NOT ok to “screw up”. And failure, even if transient and small in nature, is not an option.

The online entrepreneurship world works differently. Particularly so for businesses such as mine that are relatively newly formed and taking shape. And also generating success while doing so. I have found this to be the most dramatic of differences to the corporate world I know: To openly talk about where one goofed up (and then rectified it) is not just fine, it is also very welcome!!

Real Sameer Joshi

I am a real person. With real struggles, real successes, real pains and real stories. And it is these real stories is what I want to share with you – my readers, who I really love!

My online business and brand are all about being absolutely clear on who I am, where I am coming from and who do I want to cater to and help get to their next level of success. And to talk about this openly as my journey unfolds.

So whenever you are reading anything associated with my name, picture or the iSameerJoshi you see at the top of this page, please know that I am sharing what I am going through – be it successes or areas of improvement. And it is real.

 The Invaluable Mentor

The one thing I will absolutely share is the value of having a mentor or coach. An experienced person who has been where you are today. I have one and it is the best possible thing I have done for myself and my business. I’ve had mentors while quickly ascending the corporate ladder in my earlier life. I know the value of a mentor.

And like I mentioned earlier, I achieved all the clarity above not just by intense personal reflection and introspection but also by having open conversations with my mentor/coaches.

If you are on the lookout for a mentor and think this could help you, I encourage you to share your thoughts with me. This is not an offer for me to be your mentor. I could, however, share my experiences with you and help you find the right one for you.

Over To You

What were your successes? What challenges are you facing? Can you relate to what I have written above? I would love to hear from you.

If you found the content above useful, then please leave a Comment below and share your thoughts.

Also, please Share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using the buttons on this page. I really appreciate you helping me spread my message.

With my very best wishes for an awesome 2017 and beyond!

To your success,

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