Commissionology Review – Is It Really For You?

Welcome to the Commissionology Review! Today, I'm doing my usual open and honest review and this time it is about the recently launched Commissionology by Michael Cheney. For those not in the "know", Commissionology is knowledge product (not a software) and contains a training, amongst other things. The core of the system is the copy-paste-profit approach, which is designed to enable even stone-cold newbies, who possibly have no email list, no clue and no money to copy and paste a proven system and make money online by doing so. But is that really even possible? Or is it yet another hype-laced product? The best way to find out is to continue reading right here...

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Right Said Google Fred – How the Google Fred Update Impacts You

Google is out with a NEW update. And it has also confirmed this, as such. It a name for this update that was initially thought to be more a joking reference than anything else, it turns out that this is what the update is now being referred to widely. And the update is designed to go after something really specific, with several “big” sites losing visibility and practically slipping into the abyss.

Though what have they been up to that Fred’s so angry? And, more importantly, is your site also making one or more of those mistakes? To find out…

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The New & Successful Affiliate Marketing for Dummies or Beginners


OK!! The amount of information and “guidance” out there about how beginners (not just dummies) could succeed at affiliate marketing specifically in the Internet Marketing is as mind-boggling as it is overwhelming! Crazy! Most significantly, it is almost all outdated and talks about methods that don’t work very well at all. And the main reason it is outdated is that things in this space change fast in the area of affiliate marketing almost all the articles I came across talk about. And this is the front-end of affiliate marketing (I talk more about this in this blog post). But there are some evergreen topics that no one talks about. Those are the ones that keep the “gurus” rich and the beginners struggling. No wonder 97% of everyone starting an online business (and most do so as affiliate marketers) abandon their pursuit.

So, what is this new way that leads to lasting success in affiliate marketing? Can affiliates just starting on their online journey succeed, too? And this without falling prey to some get-rich-quick schemes (scams) over and over again? You’ll be delighted to know the answer and the insights of what makes this new way of affiliate marketing for dummies or beginners so successful…

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Buzzinar Review – a great tool to drive traffic to your website

Welcome to the Buzzinar Review! Today, I'm reviewing the Buzzinar system, which is built to attract visitors to your website. The parts of the system are an extensive audio, video and documented training and a software, which is a WordPress plugin. Once set up using the training and software, the systems is designed such that a lot of traffic will come to your site(s) with ease. Though, does it really deliver on what it promises, and is it easy to set up and use? The best way to find out is to continue reading right here...

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Meeting Top Internet Marketer Michael Cheney


Those of you in the Online Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing niche have surely heard of the top internet marketer Michael Cheney. And if you haven’t, then you’re seriously missing out. Michael is a very experienced and highly successful millionaire marketer. He is best known for his very entertaining emails, which he sends out as product promotions.

To a very select group of people, Michael recently gave an inside-view of how his online business generated over a million dollars in 2016. What exactly does he do? How does he go about doing it? This is exactly what he revealed in the event called “The Room”… Continue reading


1 Right Answer To If You Should Have Multiple Facebook Accounts


Whoa is this topic about multiple Facebook accounts a hotly debated one! Is having multiple Facebook accounts the way to go? And this especially in the online entrepreneurship/internet marketing niche. To be totally honest, this is also one of the first questions I asked myself when I started my online business under the iSameerJoshi brand.

So, what is the RIGHT answer? Is there a right answer? As with everything, everyone has a very strong opinion about this. Be this marketer (irrespective of the level of success or experience), social media “gurus” etc. Even those who don’t have an opinion feel strongly about that fact that they don’t – or don’t need to – have one. As it turns out, Facebook itself ALSO has an opinion and a very clear one. So what is it? To find out…

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Using Instagram For Marketing Your Business and Content


Totally Noob! Yes, THAT’s what he called ME! Seriously!! And then went on to open an account for me. After I said something to him just under a year back! I’m talking about my 10-year old son. I said to him that I don’t know much about Instagram. Let alone internet marketing with Instagram.

“What?!” came the stinging question back a miniature version of hell broke loose. “An online business and Internet Marketing WITHOUT Instagram?” Oh oh. I’d obviously been up to missing a major trend. It was time to catch up! Fast. And I did. To find out how I transformed from Noob (which, just in case you weren’t in the know, means clueless) to having boosted my business’ presence with Instagram…

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Getting Back on Track


A very Happy New Year 2017, to start off with. 2016 was a truly awesome year – in so many ways this could be for a new online entrepreneur like me. Most importantly so, I started the online entrepreneurship venture of which this blog site and the brand iSameerJoshi is a part. The learning curve was absolutely steep. In fact, I think it was not a learning “curve” but a learning “line”. A straight line. At 90° or more to the ground. And while so it continues to be for me as a budding online entrepreneur, there were lots of successes – lots of firsts. And I celebrated them to the fullest.

Yet, there were things that did not go according to plan either. Or what I thought were the “right” things to do actually did not turn out to be such. Over the Christmas/New Year holiday period that just came to close for me, I reflected. And I had other, key persons, take stock of things for me, too. On what went really well, and where I went completely off-track. The clarity achieved from those absolutely valuable insights forms the basis of me and my business getting back on track. So, what were the insights? Where did I goof-up? And what you, as an online entrepreneur, can learn from it? To find out more…

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My First Sale and How It Changed Everything


Yes! After putting in some work and building a solid foundation, there it is! Few days back, I made my first sale online with a system that cumulatively generates five-figures every day! And though my sale is of a “relatively small amount”, it is a start. In the absolutely right direction! And more significantly, because it changes EVERYTHING.

It is crucial for me to share that I could have very easily achieved this results MONTHS back. In fact, just a few days after I started using this system as I saw the path to my first sale almost immediately. And the time between then and now was not a result of inaction. Yet, why did I choose this direction? Why did I trade short-term gratification for long-term, lasting success?

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Social Media Automation and Your Online Business


Automating social media presence is a  passionately debated topic. I personally utilize it rather sparingly, and I’ll share in this post how automation can assist preserve an acceptable presence in times such as the upcoming holiday period. Thanks to the increase in user-friendly automation tools, it is not necessary to be a hard-core techie to be able to do this. And, depending upon how hands-off you wish to be, you can personalize automation to cater to your requirements.

You may well have already arranged the presents, food and household logistics etc. Yet, those running a company have a lot more to think of. The bright side is that there’s something you can place on auto-pilot over the vacations, which’s social networks. In this post, I’ll be covering big and small ways you can utilize social networks to make taking a break over the holiday period a bit easier. It may appear like more work to do now, however, just like any huge event, preparation is essential! And always remember that the key is to use automation sparingly and in moderation. To find out what you can – and cannot – do, find out more and…

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