Why An Online Success Blueprint Is Key


n the end – and especially for those who think a blueprint is just essentially blue – you might be in for a surprise. Especially a blueprint that is key for online success. It could well be a combination of black, white and green, with a tinge of gray thrown in. More about that later. For now, though…

Why is the blueprint blue? What is a blueprint, in the first place? And what on earth does it have anything to do with you, or your success online?! And could it lead to your online success, if you had a proven one? Read on to be amazed…

Ok, let’s tackle these one-by-one because they are all very valid questions, and have a direct connection to the success (or failure) to your success online. Especially so if you are a newbie!


A blueprint is, in its most basic form, nothing other than a copy of an original drawing, mostly of a technical nature. An accurate, same-scale copy which can be used just as if the original were being used. Now, before Xerox machines and other copiers came along, copies had to be made somehow and they needed to be very accurate. Manually made copies were prone to errors. And errors could be potentially disastrous as the drawings were for building ships, machines or construction buildings.Blueprint, Big Commisssion blueprint

In the late 1800’s, a cool-dude chemist ended up discovering that a certain chemical that would, under certain conditions, turn blue in sunlight. Sheets were coated with it and held with the original drawings on top of them in sunlight. In a few minutes, wherever the drawing had white spaces, the coating turned blue. Viola! The perfect copy. Pretty cool actually. Here’s a blueprint of a ship, in case you’d be keen on trying to build one someday.

Now that we know what a blueprint is, and what it is blue, it’s time to find out what it has to do with online business success.

The 3 Basic Things for Success

After a clear idea about what the business will deliver to its valued customers has been formed, here are the 3 basic things a business will need for success:

  1. Strategy
  2. Plan (as in Plan the Work)
  3. Work (as in Work the Plan)


“…Tactics without Strategy is the Noise before Defeat” – Sun Tzu.

Ever heard that before? Well, it’s absolutely true. There’s one common theme amongst many struggling online entrepreneurs I have come to notice. They have a generally clear idea about what their value proposition is. But they either don’t know what a strategy is, or why it is needed. Or they have one but don’t know if it will lead to the desired 10463-sun-tzu-strategy-quotesresults.

Very simply put, a strategy is basically deciding upon – and committing to – what things you will do to deliver the value outlined in your idea.

Depending on what area of online business you are in, a strategy will be different for different marketers. It will ideally contain the action areas relevant to that particular business that will lead to sustained success. The action areas could be product creation, driving traffic (free or paid), campaign optimization etc., to name a few.

Example of a strategy

Let’s say your idea is to have an online store selling physical products. This could be a Shopify store, or one as an Amazon affiliate, for example. After your store is set up with the products, you’ve arranged the terms with your vendors etc., you’re ready to “open it up to the world”. And for making it visible to potential buyers, you’d need a strategy about what all you are going to do for this.

Hope Is Not a StrategyOne possibility could be free methods to attract viewers, such as blog posting on on blogs that are in your shop’s niche (such as a dog owners’ blog if your store is in the pet supplies niche). Or sending out targeted emails with special offers and updates to your list. It could alternatively be a paid method such as advertising on social media and attracting visitors there. As long as it clearly outlines to you what all you are going to do, then you already having a basic and working version of a strategy in place. It is really that simple.

And such a strategy, with a few tweaks, could also apply to an online store selling digital products.

Just remember one thing, though, what a US Air Force Special Ops pilot said: Hope is not a Strategy!


A plan is all about deciding when to do what you decided to do in the strategy.  You need to plan work that needs to get done for the strategy to be implemented. Not much more to it.

Morris ChongWork

The other part of Sun Tzu’s quote I cited earlier is “Strategy without Tactics is the Slowest Route to Victory. …”

Until you take action, nothing – repeat, nothing – is happening. And for all those who have heard over and over again that there’s a lot of money to be made in the IM niche with “almost no effort”, don’t believe it! And online business is eventually also a business. And to generate success in any business needs work – often very hard and consistent work. To have success, you will need to Work the Plan – no way around it.

Just Do!

Online Success Blueprint

You might be wondering that if a blueprint is nothing else but a “copy”, why is it that an online success blueprint is so crucial. You could also just create your own path and lead your business to the success you desire. Well, that is absolutely true. You don’t necessarily need an online success blueprint. But imagine if you did have an online success blueprint of something that is already proven to be a successful system time and over again.

Would your chances of succeeding by using a proven system by essentially just “copying” it be higher or lower than without it?

Especially if you are a newbie, wouldn’t the results you generate by using a proven blueprint be achieved much faster?

All this obviously only if you do the work, diligently and consistently. Using a proven online success blueprint would also save you making the mistakes others have made before. “The Wise learn from their own mistakes, while the Wiser learn from those of others” – unknown.

Though like I mentioned earlier, success can be generated also by not using a proven blueprint and charting one’s own way. There are numerous examples of this leading to a lot of success, too. Ultimately it is the business owner’s decision, which path to take.

A Proven Online Success Blueprint?

If you happen to be a complete newbie and are looking for a proven system that’ll help you craft your strategy and plan for success, then there is a fantastic online success blueprint I’d want to recommend to you. It iBig Commission Blueprints, in fact, call the Big Commission Blueprint.

This system has allowed complete newbies to not just put in a viable online business in place but also have, in some cases, 4-figure paydays.

And if you are an experienced marketer, you might want to take a closer look at it as it has a lot of useful and new information in it. I found that to be true for me after having been around in the IM niche for a while now.

You might want to check it out.


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