Commissionology Review – Is It Really For You?

Welcome to the Commissionology Review! Today, I'm doing my usual open and honest review and this time it is about the recently launched Commissionology by Michael Cheney. For those not in the "know", Commissionology is knowledge product (not a software) and contains a training, amongst other things. The core of the system is the copy-paste-profit approach, which is designed to enable even stone-cold newbies, who possibly have no email list, no clue and no money to copy and paste a proven system and make money online by doing so. But is that really even possible? Or is it yet another hype-laced product? The best way to find out is to continue reading right here...


My honest Commissionology Review


A wide variety of affiliate email promotions that have been used successfully in the past to generate millions of dollars online.​ 
One-time-offers perfectly compliment the affiliate promotions to add even more value (bonuses). An exclusive list-building training is another additional offer.

User Friendly

The entire system is based on copy-paste-profits which means copy the emails, paste them in your system as yours, change the affiliates (that's the only change you must do, rest is up to how you want to use it, and use the promotions as your emails, blog posts, make videos using them - super easy to use.


The front-end product is a recurring fee. This means that when you terminate the membership, you lose the license to use the promotions. This is fair to the creator of the product, though the recurring component ensures that you get all affiliate email promotions that will be written in the future.

Summary: Commissionology is a copy-paste-use email marketing content solution. By investing in the front-end product, you get the license to use the emails their author, Michael Cheney, has successfully used to generate almost $7 million from his online business. For anyone who is a complete newbie, does not own a website, an email list, have any own products to sell or an email list or other buyers to sell these products to, no clue, no money for advertising, then this is a perfect solution. One-time-offers compliment this subscription ideally - while they are awesome, they are not mandatory/necessary.

  • Easy to use (basically copy-paste). However, I always recommend to develop your own style using these emails. You can use them exactly the way they are, too.
  • Unlimited license to use these - as emails, blog posts, to convert to audio/video etc. as long as the subscription is active.
  • Perfectly fitting one-time-offers, aimed at helping even total newbies to become successful at (email) marketing and list building.
  • Not a flashy members' area (for those who prefer that over content), but a very clean and practical one
  • Can be misunderstood as not comprehensive while it is actually not. This is because it contains "only" emails and not sales pages etc. (though only emails are the "need to have" and you get these)

Commissionology Review - What exactly is Commissionology?

Like I was briefly mentioned in the summary above, Commissionology is a copy-paste-use email marketing content solution. With it, you get the license to use the emails their author, Michael Cheney, has successfully used to generate almost $7 million from his online business.

For anyone who is a complete newbie, does not own a website, an email list, have any own products to sell or an email list or other buyers to sell these products to, no clue, no money for advertising, then this is a perfect solution. 

It is also great for ones who have relatively new or established business to add Michael's unique storytelling and hilarious style to writing emails.

The honest Commissionology Review below provides more insights so make sure you read it until the end, which is where I also list some AWESOME bonuses I have waiting for you as a sign of appreciation for investing in Commissionology through me by using my link.

Commissionology Review - Key Things to Know

I am going to lay the good and the not so good about Commissionology right here.This is really important, which is why I do want to take a minute and talk about this in this Commissionology Review!

The Good

Having ready-made, ready-to use promotions (emails) which have a proven conversion-track-record is a GREAT tool to have in your arsenal. You can copy-paste and get get going with it.

All you really need to do is to change out your link. Those who know how hard it is to write convincing email copy know exactly what I am talking about. 

In fact, I'll be honest that my open rates have gone up significantly since I started using Michael's emails on my own - that's just reality and I am living proof for this.

The other good aspect of this is that not only does it save you time and give you a head-start, it gives you a lot of content email promotions that you can use however you want - as a blog post, as a video, or however you want.

The Not So Good

Using this will require you self-discipline (this is actually a great thing), but I am mentioning this in the "not so good" section for good reason.

Here's the thing: If you just copy and don't add your character to the emails you get, then this is actually a bad thing. I always take Michael's emails and try to add a nuance - even if it is the slightest one - to the emails. This way, A great email becomes MY great email.

If you can't do this, then this might still be a great option for you in the short and even medium term. But long term, you will not have developed the skills that it takes to write awesome promotional emails of your own. Bear this in mind.

I am stating this candidly because I want this Commissionology review - like anything else I review - to be honest and adding value to your investment decision. 

It is my firm belief, though, that despite this little issue which will impact only in the long-term, the benefits of investing in - and, most importantly, USING Commissionology - is definitely something I recommend.

Commissionology Review - Exclusive Members' Area Walkthrough

Here's an exclusive and revealing walkthrough of the Commissionology members' area. I'll show you what you can expect to get when you invest in Commissionology, and why it is a great decision to do so.

Commissionology Review - One-Time-Offers

So, to the question invariably posed "Are there any one-time-offers?", here are some clear answers:

  • Yes, there absolutely are one-time-offers. 2 of them, in fact.
  • Yes, they are awesome! True to Michael's nature and coaching/marketing genius, congruency in the offers is absolutely there, which is awesome
  • No, the one-time-offers are NOT mandatory or required. The basic (front-end) Commissionology version will do its job as a stand-alone product for you.

And what are these offers?

  1. OTO1 is great bonus pack, full of high-value bonuses that you can get to not just learn from but use in YOUR promotions.

    What this means is that when you send out emails or write blog posts or whatever using the ready-made emails, then you can include one or more of these bonuses to add value to your offer.

    This is how you differentiate yourself and people would buy using your link because of the awesome bonuses you provided (As a case study, just look at the awesome bonus pack BELOW that you get when you invest using my link.)​

  2. OTO2 is List Building BlackOps: This is an exclusive training program Michael has made available only for his inner circle until now.

    Basically it takes you step-by-step from having nothing (if that's where you're staring out) to having an email list AND get hands-on strategies to DRIVE traffic.

    Like I mentioned, you DON'T need an email list to use the Commissionology promotions, but if you DO have a list (and I totally recommend you start building one), then the List Building BlackOps will provide you the exact guidance you need.

Commissionology Review - Do I Even Know Michael Cheney?

Well, I've stated in the past that I do know him. But is that true? Do I really know him? Can I vouch for him? Can he vouch for me?

Too many questions. And no answers...yet...

My Awesome Bonuses For You

OK, you knew this was coming with this Commissionology Review! I have an AWESOME bonus package for you that will take your online business / affiliate marketing to new levels. I am truly excited for you! And these are bonuses you can USE, and not a part of some hyper-inflated bonus packages where actually don't even look at the bonuses after the purchase. These ones you surely will. So, here goes...!


Real World Value: $4997


Real World Value: $19.95

Imagine having a list of thousands of potential customers who are already interested in your product or service with permission to contact them with new offers. As your list grows, so will your profitability. Don't let another visitor surf on past your site without capturing their info for another day. Develop and implement a list building strategy to obtain these new high quality prospects for free, watching your customer base rapidly expand!

We want to show you exactly how you can do this with our valuable eBook List Building Secrets. Let us guide the way as we teach you all the necessary info, tips and strategies that are necessary to start building your prospect list today. We want to reveal all of our secrets so that you reap the benefits of this valuable knowledge, increasing profitability and market share It is our desire that you exceed all your objectives and become the success story that many only dream about.

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Real World Value: $497


Real World Value: $47

In this brand new and revealing eBook, I disclose a secret, yet super-simple trick to use the same content of video you produce over multiple platforms without having to edit or retake it. If this sounds trivial, then wait until you discover this secret as it first reveals what is NOT possible currently - and you're probably not even aware of it - though this little hurdle becomes a huge stumbling block while attempting to leverage the same piece of video content. 

Find out in the amazing eBook with a Case Study and prepare to be amazed! I have put this case-study together based on the knowledge and experience gained by working with a elite-performance group of entrepreneurs. This secret little trick helps us save hours and hours of work while maximizing the impact of our efforts through effective leverage.

This bonus alone will be worth you investing in this offer today.

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Real World Value: $197


Real World Value: $27

If we could show you how to generate a ton of traffic to your website business would you be interested?

Just like most Web Masters and Internet Marketers, we are all trying to gain more traffic. The competition is tough I know! Do you get the feeling like there are no methods that actually work these days, or no methods that have not been completely exhausted! It’s WAR out there and you want to wage a war that you can win. A traffic war and some cool, solid traffic solutions are needed RIGHT NOW!

Did you know you can get listed on Google in a matter of hours by using the traffic techniques below? Did you also know that you don't have to rely on Google, bing or Yahoo to generate traffic to your business websites. Once you start to put these systems in place, you will certainly see some amazing differences in traffic to your business.

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Real World Value: $147


Real World Value: $27

Online sales are booming and are expected reach $327 billion by 2016. There has never been a better time to start on online business that will steadily thrive and grow.

Even in the beginning of the Internet, the majority of founding online businesses went belly-up with the dot-com bust. But some survived and we have learned from their success stories. The Internet boom that eventually fizzled out with huge losses for many is now over and the entire Internet business structure is in a period of rapid but steady growth that provides a secure environment.

Because of this, it enables ensured success if you posses the right knowledge, act wisely, and make the right decisions. We want to give you the power-packed info you need to build your business to massive levels and ensure success.

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Real World Value: $147


Real World Value: $24.95

Approximately one-third of holiday shoppers do over 50% of their shopping online, but with those statistics, it shows that brick-and-mortar operations are still where most of the spending is still taking place. The reality of the matter is that customers in today's world exhibit purchasing patterns that are multi-dimensional. Sometimes they prefer to shop online, while others times they want to get out of the house, browsing and shopping with real visuals of what they're buying coupled with needful social interaction.

This is why you want to cater to both when possible. Let your online customers know you have a real offline store or service, while informing any offline clients of your online presence. Knowledge of either will increase customer confidence in your professionalism and reliability.

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Real World Value: $497

Special Bonus #2:  YOUR $20,000 COACHING SECRET SAMPLER

Special Bonus #3:  YOUR $20,000 COACHING SECRET SAMPLER


Commissionology Review - Action Time!

With that said, Click on the button below and get instant access to Commissionology - you're gonna love it.

Commissionology Review

Commissionology Review

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