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hether you’re new to Internet Marketing or have been around in it for a while, you have surely come across the phrase that ‘the money is in the list”. Now, is this really true?

And if it is true, what do marketers (need to) have in place to be able to create an email list in the first place? What is really needed and what is just nice to have? Read further to find out about this and more:

And why would someone want to part with their email address for you or anyone else to use for marketing purposes by being on an email list? Would they be concerned that they’d be spammed if they did part with their email address? The list of questions can go on & on…

Though, here’s what absolutely true: If you have a great value proposition as a marketer – and with that I mean that your product or offering is great, and you definitely give massive value, or even over-deliver to the recipient of your content – then chances are that this monetizing an email subscribers’ list will be a very rewarding experience for you.

So, and especially for the ones new to email marketing, let’s now talk about some basic things you’d normally need to have in place. You need this for people to opt-in to your email list so that you can grow your email list in a serious and ethical way. And having an ethically built email list is also the way (in my view, the only way) to go. As it is only then you’ll know that you that the value you continue to offer to your subscribers is received by people interested in the content. You’ll also know increasingly over time how your email list responds to what, and what offers you make them will have the best possibility of converting into a sale for you.

The “Landing Pad”

Much like an aircraft coming from somewhere to its destination, it needs a place to safely land – right? This applies to your potential subscribers, too – from wherever they are coming to you and your offer, you’ll need a place to “receive” them.

This can be something as simple as what’s called a landing page, which is nothing more than a single web page, or it can be a full-fledged website with a blog, products page and the likes, or a landing page in a blog website.

Creating a website is easy, actually. I know that it sounds like a daunting task for anyone who hasn’t done it before, but it’s actually not all that difficult at all.

And creating just a landing page is even easier. Website builders nowadays have what are called drag-and-drop builders which make it easy to put a nice looking page (or pages) together. Anyone visiting your page or website is asked for their email address to get something of value in return. Check out this example of a landing page, and claim your valuable gift free while you are there. But then, why would they want to give your e-mail address to you?

The Freebie For Signing Up To Your Email List

It’s human psychology that anyone would want to give you something as precious as their email address only if they see a real value for them in doing so. And you have to give this value to them – no way around it. keep-calm-its-freebie-timeNow, you’ve surely heard that “you get what you pay for”, which can also be interpreted as “if you don’t pay anything, you won’t get anything”.

While this might be true in most cases, it’s not a great approach to take if you want to get someone to subscribe to your email list. Experience suggests that subscribers are most likely to part with their email in exchange for the value you give if you are giving this value for free. And that’s what’s called the freebie.

This free offer shouldn’t be some crap or worthless stuff – its got to be of value! It can be an e-book, videos, a training (even a video training, which is great!), plug-ins, tips & tricks – it can be anything, as long as it’s of value to the potential subscriber. You can see a great example here.

It worthy to mention that what you offer to get someone’s email address does not have to be free. Bear in mind, though, that people would not part with email address easily in that case, especially if they don’t know you or your offering in the beginning. And this is not great for building your email list.

Delivering on the Promise

If after seeing the value in what you are offering (for free, in all likelihood), there will surely be visitors who will sign up to be on your list and become subscribers. And this is great, as it is exactly what you want! You have to, however, make sure that whatever you promised to deliver to them – whether it was the e-book, or the free video training etc. – is made available to them for sure. This is a very vital step to ensure long-term trust building.

Make sure you recommend them to “whitelist” your email address so that your emails are not landing in their spam or junk folders. Click here to see how I do this by sending this link to my subscribers. This is important because you would use their email address to mail them again in the future, so your mails will need to be visible to them in their inbox, rather than languishing in spam or junk.

Relationship Building

This is an obvious, yet often overlooked, aspect of having an email list. Remember this: if you use the right methods to build your email list, then know that the ones subscribing to your email list are real people – just like you and me. It-is-all-about-relationshipNot to be diminished as “traffic” coming to your site, but to be seen as real people.

What you surely want to do is to make sure that you build a relationship of trust with them. And you do this by providing them consistently high value, be it free or paid, and that they don’t feel they are getting spammed just because they happen to be on your email list.

You want to do everything to continue to increase their trust in you – with every email you send out to them once they have opted-in.


The topic of building an email list is quite a broad subject and I will be covering other aspects in other articles. Though for now, the major takeaway is that if you build your email list in a clean and ethical way, keep providing it great value consistently, and build a relationship of trust with them over time, you’ll yourself confirm some day soon that “the money is, in fact, in the list”.

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