Email Marketing Frequency: How Often You Should Email Your List

This is ONE question I get asked quite often: “Tell me based on your experience, Sameer – how often should I email my list of subscribers?”. “Once a month, once a week, once a day, or what?? What’s the ideal frequency?” We’re about to clear the air on how often you should email your list.

Now, if you are an email marketer and have a list of subscriber emails, I would be quite surprised if you have not asked yourself this. And if you starting off and intend on having a list (which I absolutely recommend you do), this question will catch up with you. So, what is the answer to this? Is there an ideal frequency at all? Does a one-size-fits-all template or blueprint exist for this? And what happens if you get this wrong, or when you get it right? Read further to find out…

Saving the Best for Last

Now, let me share something about this post with you right at the outset. Initially, I wanted it to cover several related topics such as email marketing frequency (covered here), but also when best to send the emails you send. Another related topic is the balance between content emails (with no sales or promotional offers in it) and promotional emails. I got through the end of writing the post and determined that I needed to split these topics up. So please come back and visit as I will be posting my insights about the other topics really soon. But we digress…

I reveal the secret to this a bit further down on the page, also if there is a template or blueprint or not and I also recommend what I think a possibly ideal email marketing frequency could be. But to grasp the revelation and recommendation fully, I highly recommend that you go through this post in its entirety and step-by-step. It won’t take you long – I promise.

The Concept of Edutainment

Edu…what?! Well, the term Edutainment refers to content that is designed to educate and to entertain. Edutainment includes content that is primarily educational but has incidental educational value. Edutainment also includes content that is mostly entertaining but has educational value. Communication-based on this concept continues to find broad usage. Governments use it in various countries to give information via television and other media. Corporations use it advertising and other forms of communication with customers and other stakeholders. The media industry uses it widely as well. It was used as early as 1948 by The Walt Disney Company to describe its Academy Award-winning documentary series, the True-Life Adventures. Another great example of an edutainment provider is YouTube, with its huge collection of videos that both educate and entertain.

I came across this concept and its use in my corporate life about 20 years back for the first time. Internet Marketing was yet to come along then, though I was pleased to note that the term is also used by some in the IM niche.

Now if you are thinking, what (on earth!!) does edutainment have to do with email marketing frequency, or the how often emails are sent to subscribers, is? Well, the answer is: (one heck of) a LOT! We’ll come to this momentarily, though.

Email Marketing Frequency – Bare Minimums

Let’s talk some numbers now! And we’ll have to base this on an example to make it tangible. Let’s say you are an internet marketer promoting digital products – either own or as an affiliate – to your subscriber list. Let’s also say that you are not a total newbie and have been communicating to your list as you have built it over months or even years. In this case, you have already built some rapport with your list and you should be looking at emailing your list at least 2-3 times a week – that’s a minimum. Though that is an email marketing frequency of less than one a day, it is the absolute minimum.

If you are, however, a total newbie and only just about started building your list, then bear a few things in mind. The subscribers to your list (people just like you and me) don’t know you well yet. They are generally convinced that their experience of being on your list will be a valuable one for them. However, they cannot be entirely sure about this yet – and this is absolutely natural. You need to build a rapport with them so that they can start liking and trusting you. Only then do you stand a chance of converting your subscribers into customers and then potentially to clients. Especially in the beginning, you’ll have to be in front of them often, even as often as once a day.

The Keykey-214449_200

The key is this. You have to give value in your email. And each email of yours – whether just content or promotional – should be edutational (this is not a typo!). Starting right from the supercharged subject line, every email needs to be packed with education and with entertainment. We’ll talk about striking the right balance between content emails and promotional emails in a separate blog. But for now, just remember that every email must provide edutainment. This is the key ingredient is getting your email marketing frequency right.

As it turns out, if your readers find your emails edutaining, email frequency just might become irrelevant, as I am about to share. By this, I mean that you could send out multiple emails a day if your emails really are edutaining.

Maxing Out Email Marketing Frequency

A very successful and experienced marketer I know and respect shared once that he emails his list 4 times a day! Yes, 4 (four) times a day. Are his subscribers totally fed up of him and his down to just 3 subscribers now? NO! Not at all. I receive his emails and they are a delight to open and just read. Each one of them is different. At times I find myself laughing hard just reading the subject line. The emails entertain, while also delivering value. They are not boring. And they also almost always have a promotional link in them.

How is all this achieved so successfully? By providing edutainment. It’s that simple. Providing consistent value with every email or piece of content to extend to your subscribers will potentially make frequency irrelevant.

The “Dreaded” Unsubscribe

Here’s another thing you might be asking yourself after reading all this: “Won’t my subscribers unsubscribe if I email them too often?”. The answer is: probably yes. If this does happen to you, then there is no need to panic. monitor-608241_200You only need to calmly ask yourself if you have been providing your subscribers value (edutainment) with each mail that you sent out. And be brutally honest with yourself.

If the answer is “No”or “Maybe”, then you have your work cut out for you. You just need to make sure that you do deliver on value.

And if the answer is “Yes”, then you are totally fine. Then Unsubscribe is actually a great thing because that person doesn’t deserve to be on your distribution in the first place. A fewer number of highly interested and engaged subscribers is a lot more valuable than hordes of passive or even disinterested recipients.

Test, Test, Test…and Test again

Time to unravel the secret. And it is this: There is no one-size-fits-all that I know of as far as mailing frequency is concerned. Depending on your unique situation, you will have to find this out. And the only way to do that is to test. And then test again, and again, and again. There is no way out other than testing for yourself with your list as to what works best, and what doesn’t. Start with a “moderate” frequency (2-3 times a week) and test by increasing or decreasing it. Try different subject lines and determine what works best to improve open rates and conversions.

Over a relatively short time spent testing consistently, you’ll develop a feel for what the right frequency is for your list, the niche you are in, and the general profile and preferences of your subscribers.


Though I always stress that there is no generic solution that fits everyone, I’d recommend that you email your list at least 1 email per day – provided you are sending out value and edutainment. Remember, this is a recommendation and you’ll have to find what works best for you and your list.

A Proven Blueprint for Online Success

Big Commission BlueprintThe frequency of emails is something unique to the list, as we determined, and not somehow a piece of a template or blueprint. Having said that, blueprints for success online do exist for other things. Such as generating success online and building up a viable business, even if you are a complete newbie. If you feel that you are not generating enough success online, then I highly recommend you take a quick look at this.

It is called the Big Commission Blueprint. This system has allowed complete newbies to not just put in a viable online business in place but also have, in some cases, 4-figure paydays. And if you are an experienced marketer, you might want to take a closer look at it as it has a lot of useful and new information in it. I found that to be true for me after having been around in the IM niche for a while now.

You might want to check it out. It’ll only take you a few minutes and these might well be the best few minutes you’ll have invested in your online success.

Look out for my new posts covering WHEN you should best send emails to your list – I think you’ll find this particularly valuable, and a few other topics related this.

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