Motivational Stories – Learning from this Snail on a Mission


earning from a WHAT? On a mission…you might be thinking?! Yes, very much so! We are talking about a snail today. And what I am about to share with you is a very ordinary encounter but it could potentially blow your mind. I came across this determined creature this morning and in what is one of the weirdest motivational stories that I’m going to share with you now will get you thinking and reflecting – promise!

Keen to find out more? What was the mission the snail was on? And what was the outcome? Continue reading to find out…

My Early Morning Run

I do some sort of physical exercise every day, and on most days, this is going out for a run (or jog, at times). I like to do this outdoors, rather than on a treadmill. And not far from where I live, there a little forest with many paths and trails. And the place lends itself perfectly to get out and not just exercising but also connect with nature. This morning wasn’t much different. And out I was on the trail. Only, this morning I didn’t expect to run into a hidden “motivational guru” of sorts.

The Snail

In the last leg of my run, and on the part of the trail closer to civilization, I saw a snail! And attempting to cross the almost 12-foot wide trail. It was about 2 feet into the trail, wanting to cross over to the other side. And it evidently still had a LONG way to go.

In a split second, the challenge of the mission the snail was on dawned upon me. I just knew that this is yet another of the super-cool motivational stories that I was coming across. The path is frequently by joggers, people taking a walk either alone or with their pets, cats, cyclists etc. An unattentive jogger or runner could accidentally step on in it because it was a still a bit dark. Or another animal would come across and “go for it”. All kinds of things were possible that might have led to a premature, and very abrupt, end to the snail’s journey and life.

I had to stop and take a closer look at it.


The snail was obviously totally oblivious to what I was thinking. I’d wasn’t able to read its mind but it was probably aware of the dangers lurking, but they did not seem to matter. Staring at the snail, while breathing heavily, I started taking some pictures. I started to think I am crazy for having these thoughts and doing what I was doing, but the power of the split-second realization was just too overwhelming!Snail on the trail

All I could see the snail doing was continue on its path and cross-over. With small, incremental movements taking it towards its goal – at less than a millimeter per second. “Laughable”, my judgemental self-thought condescendingly – “it’s never, ever going to make it”. But then, the reflection also dawned on me that:

  1. The snail was totally doing the best that it physically could in taking all the action it needed to to get to its desired destination
  2. It was totally focussed on its goal. No evident distraction.
    (I did not see it taking out its smartphone and checking messages on WhatsApp, or taking a selfie or thinking about how many e-mail subscribers it has in its list of similar – haha. But I digress…)

I needed to get on with finishing my run as my heart rate monitor started communicating audibly with me. I couldn’t wait further, though while running back, the thought whether the snail would make it was lurking in my mind. I really wanted it to reach its destination.

Did The Snail Make it?

So, what do you think? Did it make it? Or get crushed under an unaware jogger’s shoes? Or get ran over by a cyclist? Or get eaten by an animal? Remember, it still had about 80% of its mission ahead of it. And though this is in my motivational stories section, does it have to have been a purely successful adventure for the snail?

I made it a point to know this. Watch this short video and find out more:

Motivational Stories – Lessons Learned

We are all on a journey similar to the mission of the snail. And our journeys are made up of little missions, and even big ones within in them.  To that extent, we are all writing motivational stories of our own. The point is to not think how small the increments or progress are – as long as we are taking consistent action. We are also not in a race with anyone else – only ourselves. And while there might all sorts of things with the potential to get us off our path, we need to go on. I am yet to hear of a snail with low self-esteem or self-doubt.

Whatever your journey or mission, whether it is list-building or finding the right strategy or blueprint for your business – as long as you are taking consistent action, while turning a deaf ear to any negativity or self-doubt, chances are extremely high that you are ultimately going to make it.

We all are!

Over To You…

Now, if you think you are going at “snail’s pace” in achieving your goals, you know now that as long as you are on the right path and headed in the direction of your goal, you are going to be fine! Absolutely. Though, here’s when you have to be brutally honest with yourself: Are you convinced that headed in the right direction? Are you sure that the steps you are taking towards achieving your goal are actually going to get you there? Especially if you are in the Internet Marketing niche and building a business online is your target, do you have the right game plan in place? Is this game plan or strategy proven, in that others have generated success using the same (or similar) approaches?

If your answers are YES (and remember that you need to be brutally honest with yourself, just like I am with myself – read more about that here), then AWESOME! I am elated! No matter how slow or fast you think you are going, as long as you keep going, you’re going to get there.funnel-dynamics

And should your answers to one or more of the questions above be “I don’t know, actually” or “I’m not entirely sure” or just simply “No, I don’t think so”, then for a very different reason, that is awesome, too! And here’s why: There is a proven method that I absolutely recommend you taking a closer look at. This system has allowed even complete newbies not just put in viable a new online business in place but also generate 4-figure paydays in some cases. Even experienced marketers have used it to expand their online presence. It is called the Big Commission Blueprint and you can find out more about it absolutely free by clicking here. The guy who created it is my friend and partner, so I have no problems recommending it to you. You’ll not regret having taken the few minutes – they might well prove to be life-changing .

Do you have motivational stories to share? I’d love to get to know them.


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