Meeting Online Entrepreneur and Blogger Glenn Shepherd


n a recent trip to the UK, I met up with the famous blogger, and tech-savvy fellow internet marketer, Glenn Shepherd. We interact a lot online, but I had never met him in person.
So, are you’re wondering now how he is in person? Is he friendly, or a grouch? 😂😂 Open, or reserved? How is it to interact with him? Was meeting Glenn Shepherd a highlight, or otherwise? And that one thing that sets him apart from most in IM – what is it? You are in for a surprise – read further to find out…

I was recently visiting Manchester, England – a city I absolutely love! Well, this is where I went to university. I had traveled around the world quite a bit before I got to Manchester. However, when I got to Manchester at the time, I knew I was going to love it! But all this was ages back. The group I went to the business school with there met up last weekend for a reunion – and I was obviously not going to miss that “extended party” – c’mon!


While browsing through Facebook a week before the reunion weekend, I came across the word “Manchester” in the location section of an awesome guy I know. Instinctively, and without me noticing it, I was writing a message to him on Facebook, asking if he’d like to meet up while I am there (it was a weekend, bear in mind). And while we interact a lot online, I wasn’t sure if he’d have the time (and inclination) to meet up with me in person. That, too, on a weekend.

Well, as it turns out, Glenn was ultra-quick in his response, and we found ourselves discussing logistics, exchanging coordinates and further contact information – awesome! While I was not expecting anything else, I was truly enamored by the openness to the idea.

So, Just Who Is This Guy?

Now, if you are an internet marketer or blogger, you have most likely come across his name, or some of his work – probably also on his blog. And if you are an iPro Partner and haven’t heard of him – you need help, fast! Together with Dean Holland (CEO) and Louis Doughty (Affiliate Partner Relationship Manager), Glenn Shepherd forms the core of the awesome Internet Profits Ltd.

To those not in the know, Internet Profits provides great value to its customers and affiliates alike. Some of the products they offer are the Big Commission Blueprint, The Affiliate Club and the totally awesome iPro. Click here to find out more about these products. They are proven and extensively tested and can take an online business to its next level. Dean and Louis are absolutely awesome guys, as well – just by the way.

Coming back to Glenn, though, he has been an online entrepreneur and marketer for years now. He has evidently gone through the initial lack of clarity many go through on this journey. But he has also successfully come out of that phase – and what a come back it has been! Other than the success and 4-figure paydays, Glenn’s now focusses on one additional thing. And that’s helping others (including me) to take their online activities to the next frontier. Read more about his story here.

My Experience Meeting Glenn Shepherd

Glenn came across to me to be a very friendly, open and thorough person. I found I could speak with him easily about anything without inhibition or concern. He gave me helpful, easy-to-implement advice about the things I am dealing with. There was not even the slightest trace of high-handedness or being standoffish in any way. Here’s a guy who really knows his stuff. And he knows a lot(!) of successful entrepreneurs in the Internet Marketing niche. Most importantly, he is willing to share what he knows in order to help.

What Sets Glenn Shepherd Apart From Most in IM

The Internet Marketing niche has come in recent years to be a place with shady characters out to make a quick buck. I have talked about my experiences in this niche here on this site in the About section. Having said that, not everyone in this domain is like this. There are some excellent, highly ethical marketers and bloggers out there. And Glenn is definitely one of them! His deep sense of ethics absolutely sets him apart from another, much larger group!

This mindset resonates deeply with my business philosophy, as well. I have built all my businesses on high ethical standards. Meeting and interacting with people like Glenn keeps me on that path – and that’s totally awesome!

I shot a quick video while meeting up with Glenn. It is the first and only cut of this video. Hope you’ll enjoy it:

Closing Remarks

In closing, I’ll say that meeting Glenn Shepherd in person has been a pleasure and honor, for which I express Gratitude. I look forward to many more interactions with him.


‘M CURIOUS now: Have you met Glenn Shepherd before?

Or any other Internet Marketers or entrepreneurs who you have learned from and continue to do so? How did you feel before meeting them? How did the meeting go? What were your key take-home messages from those interactions?

Please let me know by leaving a Comment below. And if you enjoyed reading it, don’t forget to Share this post on social media using the buttons below.

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