Meeting Top Internet Marketer Michael Cheney


Those of you in the Online Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing niche have surely heard of the top internet marketer Michael Cheney. And if you haven’t, then you’re seriously missing out. Michael is a very experienced and highly successful millionaire marketer. He is best known for his very entertaining emails, which he sends out as product promotions.

To a very select group of people, Michael recently gave an inside-view of how his online business generated over a million dollars in 2016. What exactly does he do? How does he go about doing it? This is exactly what he revealed in the event called “The Room”…

… which is where all the participants were over the entire weekend. Michael took us step-by-step through various aspects of his business, giving the participants an overview (read insider’s view).

Though before we talk about the “serious” stuff, let’s start with a bit of the fun stuff. The event started for some of us with a tour of the historic and awesome Edinburgh Castle.

Historic Tour Around the Breathtaking Edinburgh Castle

Located high up, the castle provided to be, at the time, not just a strategic location, but also one that also now for some breathtaking views. Here’s a panoramic view of Edinburgh from atop the castle:

Edinburgh isameerjoshi michaelcheney makemoneyonline internetmarketing

 Facebook Live From The Castle

Obviously, there is no way I could NOT have done a Facebook Live video from there:

Other than Michael, the person you see in the video is Rob Reece. I warmly encourage you to check out his page and work on his site.

The abrupt end of the video was as my battery ran out all of a sudden. A big shout-out to the main man Andy, who was carrying a mobile battery pack with almost all possible adapters! It didn’t take to long for my phone to be back in action again – phew!

Here’s me with the most charming and hilarious Jenny, a friend of Michael’s who ensured everything ran smoothly.

internetmarketing, isameerjoshi, michael cheney, makemoneyonline

With Jenny McLaren

Jenny is Scottish – I love the Scottish accent. And I do concede to having ganged up with her against Michael to call him the “imposter” (in that he’s “posing” to be Scottish – and he was actually not even doing that (LoL) – while being from York). That was really funny.

I missed taking a picture with John, the top internet marketer Michael’s assistant and one of the nicest and most special persons one can meet. I had some really good conversations with John and I am really grateful for that. In the picture below, he’s the one seated far left, right in the front.

The Ultimate Taste of Scotland Experience  a.k.a. A Vegan Teetotaller’s Nightmare?

I’m glad to have caught your attention with that headline -lol.

Edinburgh isameerjoshi michaelcheney makemoneyonline internetmarketing

Scottish Culinary Experience and Whisky Tasting

What followed after the castle visit was a delightful culinary experience and whisky-tasting experience for a select group.

Now, I am almost vegan and teetotaler. Whisky tasting actually cannot be my thing. And it was not! Yet, I did smell some of the whiskys others there were drinking. Let’s just call mine an awesome Whisky Smelling experience (I thought of calling it Whisky Inhaling but that’s a bit of a loaded word – I don’t want to go there – LoL).

I heard only positive things about what was on the menu. My vegan dish was awesome!

The Door To The Room Opens and We’re Locked Inside The Secret Room

From Saturday morning right through Sunday evening, top internet marketer Michael shared with us some mind-blowing stuff. This included, but was not limited to:internet marketing isameerjoshi michaelcheney edinburgh the room makemoneyonline

Michael’s mindset and highly rigorous organization of activities and disciplining oneself to a plan and following it through contributes immensly to his being a top internet marketer. One might think that this has nothing to do with entrepreneurship or marketing. Here’s the thing, though: If you don’t have this nailed down to perfection, you’re going to struggle.

I know from my experience as a former corporate experience and now successful online and offline entrepreneur that this has to be in place.

Talking of productivity, check out a Productivity Hack that I use to 10x my Productivity in 10 Minutes and get the most out of my day.

Michael then walked us through lots of other things, such as

  • Email marketing tactics and tricks (surprise surprise – Michael talking about emails. What does HE know about emails?? LOL)
  • Product Creation
  • Product Launching
  • Product Promotion
  • ….

It’s a long list, the content of which is mind-blowing.

“Licence to Kill”ing it by using all Affiliate Promotions of a Top Internet Marketer as Your Own

Now, if you are on Michael’s list and haven’t laughed hard after reading one or more his emails, then I’d be very surprised! He’s known for Email marketing tactics and tricks, almost all invariably containing a promotional link.

Participants of the room are licensed to use these as their own. These are the exact same promotions that have generated Michael almost $7 million. No coincidence that he’s a top internet marketer. For the participants, ours to use now as our own. And not just the emails but all promotions. Nuff said!

Here’s my individual take on this: The emails are promotions are mine now use as my own. I could easily copy Michael word-to-word if I wanted (or needed) to. Would I do that? Probably at times. How Often You Should Email Your ListMore importantly, however, they give me the possibility of adapting them to my OWN style of writing. Your communication is you, at the end of the day.

Yet, those who wish to do have this choice of using them just as they are. And this, while using the strategies Michael so successfully uses to send out multiple promotional emails a day.

Find out more about my take on How Often You Should Email Your List

Best Time to Send EmailsAs much as the number, the time of sending out emails to your list is as much a science as it is an art. I have been studying and reverse-engineering this for quite a while now. Discussing my insights with Michael, and getting his views on it was PRICELESS. This is alone was worth interacting with him in person.

Find out more about my take is on The Best Time to Email Your List

Free Access to all of this Top Internet Marketer’s Digital Products & Upsells

Imagine this. All repeat ALL products Michael has ever created including all upsells, and this also for all products and upsells created by him in 2017. Mine to use, learn from AND (most importantly) implement.


I have used many of Michael’s products and they are awesome. I know this for sure. And while this might mean that I have months’ learning ahead of me, I know it is worth it. Why? Because it will help me boost my online entrepreneurship and marketing efforts into the stratosphere – and effortlessly keep them there!

Instant Approval to Promote on JVZoo


What’s big deal about this, you might ask? Well, You don’t get approval on JVZoo to promote products if you haven’t made any sales on JVZoo. Simple as that. But affiliates need to start somewhere, right?

Michael, the top internet marketer, approved all participating and promoting his products for instant approval in JVZoo. And 100% instant payout of commissions. The payouts being instant is significant because usually, product owners have the possibility to set the payouts on “delayed” (to account for refunds etc.). Not in this case – it’s instant.

Done-For-You Bonanza instantly makes you present yourself as a top internet marketer

The ones attending had loads of done-for-you stuff such as

  • Landing Pages
  • Autoresponder sequence
  • Unique and professional e-mail address (I already have this but many don’t)
  • Hosting of the landing pages (I also have this but many others don’t) for life for free

All that needs to be done is to drive traffic to the landing page and get commissions paid out.

Admittedly, this sounds easier than it is. Because how do you drive traffic? What exactly IS traffic, in the first place? What is the difference between free and paid methods of driving traffic? Wow, many issues there.

The answer lies in going through the products that are made available to participants. And implementing those strategies is wherein the key lies.

Diversity in Participants’ experience level and in Content

Participants were from many different countries in the world, and with a broad spread of experience in internet marketing. With this, I mean total newbies all the way up to product creators and various shades of gray in between.

So there was content diversity, too. It is only natural that some of the content was a bit “over-the-top” for people just starting out. But leaving those things out would have meant that the more advanced people would feel they got a raw deal with the content.

This diversity of content and participants is key for such a group as the participants learn from each other.

One of my most amazing mentors and business partner, who incidentally is also a top internet marketer, always says that people don’t learn necessarily best from the absolute “gurus”. They learn from others who are one or two steps ahead of the others. This is proven to be true time and over again. It’s reality.

And Most Importantly, We had a LOT of fun

Other than interacting with and learning from a top internet marketer, I think the highlight of the gathering for me was the small after-party a very small number of us had on Sunday evening. Not everyone attending could, or was willing to, join due to flights early in the morning thereafter etc.

The 5 persons you see in this group went out for dinner after the event was over. 4 are participants and one is the significant other of one of the participants.

internet marketing isameerjoshi michaelcheney edinburgh the room makemoneyonline

The hilariously crazy group of 5 that got together and went out partying after the event. I still laugh at all we were laughing about just looking at this picture.

The charming gentleman you see right in the center of the picture (white hair, green jacket) is one of the most hilarious persons you’ll meet. Not only is he a MASTER mimic and impersonator – I have not laughed this hard at the mimicry offered that evening – but a brilliant marketer. He is Paul Walton of Mozart Marketing. Do take a minute to check out his site and be wowed!

This is one of the most hilarious, warm and deeply connecting interactions I have had in a very long time. I was laughing even the morning thereafter at the silly jokes we cracked.

And Here Cometh The Most Awesome Video

Here’s an abridged/shortened version of a video made while I was there. It was a spontaneous idea to make it and I am deeply grateful for the fact that it was made. And extremely humbled for what its content is.

I’ll be releasing the full version for you to view soon (at the right time, and in the right way), but here’s the shortened one. And if you think this is mind-blowing, wait for the full version to come out!



BOOM! Not. Too. Bad.

I am elated. And deeply humbled.

I Invite You to Join Me on My Amazing Journey

I feel blessed to have participated in this event. There is nothing better than being able to pick the brain of a successful entrepreneur and then use the learnings in your own business. I am getting ready to meet another very successful online entrepreneur in a few days. Look out for my blog post on that event.

As I always share with you what I experience and provide value while doing so, I normally do so by way of my newsletter broadcast to my email subscribers. I invite you to join my amazing group of subscribers and receive regular updates from me.

As a sign of appreciation, I have a Free Gift for you. I think you are going to absolutely LOVE it!

Click Here to Claim Your Free Gift

And To Be Clear…

This blog post contains my experiences and what I am at liberty to share in fairness to all participants and hosts. I am not promoting by way of this post or any other part of my work  The Room event with Michael Cheney. All experiences and opinions are personal. All photographs you see here have been either clicked by me or are sourced from the public domain information (Facebook page) of either Michael Cheney or participants. Also, there are no affiliate links in this post.

And with that said, its…

Over To You

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Dr. Joshi out

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