My First Sale and How It Changed Everything


Yes! After putting in some work and building a solid foundation, there it is! Few days back, I made my first sale online with a system that cumulatively generates five-figures every day! And though my sale is of a “relatively small amount”, it is a start. In the absolutely right direction! And more significantly, because it changes EVERYTHING.

It is crucial for me to share that I could have very easily achieved this results MONTHS back. In fact, just a few days after I started using this system as I saw the path to my first sale almost immediately. And the time between then and now was not a result of inaction. Yet, why did I choose this direction? Why did I trade short-term gratification for long-term, lasting success?

Simple! I decided to build a foundation first. A strong foundation that I can build upon in not just the short-term but also medium to long-term. This blog you see and are visiting, my Facebook Page, my Twitter feed, my rapidly growing Instagram presence, Google+, Tumblr, my YouTube channel, my Facebook Group for Online Entrepreneurs…. I built all this up in the past months.

Post updated with this short video:

Not my First Sale Ever

As is known to those follow my story, I am also a successful offline entrepreneur. Amongst other investments, I also own a small company in the manufacturing industry. A real “brick-and-mortar” business, with big machines made of steel, people working in the factory, a huge electricity bill (amongst other things – haha) and the works. This is also not my first sale online as I also have an e-commerce presence dealing with physical goods.makemoneyonline

Coincidentally, the same day I made this “first sale” online, I engaged in a substantial 5-figure transaction (yes, that’d be $10,000 and upwards). But let me tell you this – my sweet little online sale has BLOWN MY MIND!

So, why – you’d probably ask – all this excitement around $20? And how can something of this magnitude mean so much to me? And to my online business?

The Power of Me

This is the first time ever online that I am doing something using my own name. Not hiding behind the relevant, yet cryptical, name of a blog and finding a passing mention in it’s About Me section. Or running as is the case with an e-commerce operation where the products, and the shop, constitute the brand (and not it’s owner).

Look around this place (my blog) and everything I do under this banner and logo – This is ME! My story, my challenges, my setbacks, and my WINS! I have built this up with a lot of love, dedication, patience, and education. And I have sought the advice of very successful people online (my mentors, basically) in building this up. Which is why the even the smallest of successes here dwarf comparatively “big achievements” elsewhere.

The Right Path

In addition to being a business-driven and entrepreneurship-oriented, I am also a very spiritually-minded person. And one of the teachings in spirituality – loosely translated here – is that “You don’t need to be in a hurry if you know you are on the right path”. It goes on to say that “You will need the feel to be in a hurry if you feel, believe or know that you are on the wrong path. As it is only then that you will encounter fear of wasting a lot of time and effort and still not getting there.” “Though if you are on the right path, you will reach your destination – as long as you keep walking the right path.”makemoneyonline

Mind-blowing! And absolutely true.

When I embarked upon this journey of building my online business under MY OWN NAME (which is my brand basically), I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon two, probably, three things that are CRUCIAL to success online:

  1. SYSTEM: A simple, easy-to-follow yet proven system (or step-by-step method, whatever you prefer to call it) which others are using successfully
  2. SECRETS: Closely-guarded, yet crucial-to-know secrets about how to really be successful online
  3. MENTOR: Having a mentor or coach, who guides the way and lets you know openly what’s working and what’s not.

Let’s talk about them, in that order.

A Proven System To Your First Sale Online

Here it is! The absolutely awesome Big Commission Blueprint. This system, or method, is just phenomenal. Also for newbies, as iBig Commission Blueprintt might well be what gets you to your first sale ever online. From what I have learned out of it, I would easily have paid someone anything in the tune of $20,000 to learn all that. And as I don’t want to spoil the fun by divulging what this little course really costs, I want you to find out on your own – you are in for a very positive surprise (you might even laugh your head off – haha).

This system has allowed even complete newbies not just put in viable a new online business in place but also generate 4-figure paydays in some cases.  You’ll not regret having taken the few minutes – they might well prove to be life-changing.

The 2 Digital Business Secrets

Well, what did YOU think?! Of course, there is a secret sauce to success! There always has been in EVERY field of work (I’ve been active in quite a few over the years), and there always will be. That’s just reality.makemoneyonline

The key is to know it. And finding someone well-meaning enough, who wants to share it. That’s all there is to it. And I consider myself to be this well-meaning person. In fact, I know that I am. Let me share with you why I am so convinced about this:

I am a successful entrepreneur (both offline and online), I am financially independent, and I feel very passionately about online entrepreneurship and internet marketing –  done ethically. And as has possibly become evident at the beginning of this post, I am in no particular hurry to achieve any “milestone”. Or to prove to anyone (other than probably only myself, which is also unlikely) that I achieved this or that. Other than helping others becoming successful while I generate success to is what this is all about for me. My motto is “Doing Great while Doing Good” – and it works!

Wondering what’s with the secrets I talked of revealing? Could these be what you need to make your first sale online? I have put together a short little web-class for you, which I reveal them. Click here or below to go straight there and watch it. Take notes while you do (as it is a class)

I Want to Know the 2 Secrets!

Mentor or No Mentor?

When I started out years back on my own online, I thought it can’t be so difficult – even “some, run-of-the-mill youngsters without a “proper education” are doing this. So why the heck can’t I?? After all, I’m this cool dude with all the success in the corporate world etc. blah blah blah.”

Not very smart.

Other than being totally condescending, it is also a totally foolish mindset to have! I’ve made that mistake. And I am bold enough to talk about it openly here. If you’ve seen my introductory video on the home page, I talk about things that have worked for me, and ALSO things that DID NOT – having had this mindset is one such thing that did not work for me.

makemoneyonlineThe way things work in the online world is very different that what works (or doesn’t work) in the offline world. Some differences are obvious, others very subtle – yet very substantial.

Getting a mentor was the best thing I could do for myself. If you click the link above and watch the two digital secrets, you’ll get to know my mentor. He’s a very successful online entrepreneur and soon 8-figure marketer (yes, that’d be $10 million and upwards). You can also watch this video to hear him and his thoughts. Whatever you prefer – your call.

Yes! Show Me the Video!

How This has Changed Everything

While on this journey of laying this foundation and working to make get my first opt-in, my first sale etc., I did think if I would ever be able to achieve this. Even if it is just one subscriber to my list, or even just $1 in sales. To be honest, I was confronted with this thought every day. And even now, I find myself often presented with this thought while working towards my goals.

Here’s the thing: This is ABSOLUTELY NATURAL. Here’s what I do now: I recognize that that thought is there, I don’t give it any energy (including any mental exercise of “shoving it away” or similar). I acknowledge it is there and without giving it further energy, I continue on my path.

And what did I do years ago, when I was still building basic confidence skills: I’d get worried, even petrified. Thoughts of a sure-shot defeat and non-accomplishment of goals would take center-stage in my mind. I’d feel the burden of defeat and distress, even physically like heavy weights on my shoulders, and NOTHING other than this negative thought crossing my mind had happened. Nothing at all. And I had already waved the white flag and surrendered to my fears of a POSSIBLY unfavorable outcome.

Well, now I am not only much stronger and confident – I just respond to this thought differently, as I described. And why I am sharing all this? Maybe YOU respond to similar thoughts crossing your mind the way I USED respond. Maybe you haven’t seen success online yet. Whatever the case, just know that for me – and ESPECIALLY after I have succeeded making this one little sale, I know that I can do it. And I will do a LOT more than this by consistently working towards achieving my goals.

Any little place doubt had occupied in my mind about succeeding online with my name on the logo has been reclaimed FOREVER by me. There is no turning back now.

And remember, I have never this in this form or with this system before. So, if I can, so can you!

Over To You

How are you doing in your online business? What methods do you use to generate success, or have you been able to without one? What are your thoughts on whether or not a mentor is required? I’d love to hear from you.

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