Right Said Google Fred – How the Google Fred Update Impacts You

Google is out with a NEW update. And it has also confirmed this, as such. It a name for this update that was initially thought to be more a joking reference than anything else, it turns out that this is what the update is now being referred to widely. And the update is designed to go after something really specific, with several “big” sites losing visibility and practically slipping into the abyss.

Though what have they been up to that Fred’s so angry? And, more importantly, is your site also making one or more of those mistakes? To find out…

… you have come to a great place because in this post I will reveal what I was able to find out. Deep gratitude is expressed herewith from me to Barry Schwartz the founder of SEO RoundTable, Juan Gonzales, and of course my good friend and guide Kyrill Poelmans of WebTextTool. You’ll find more information about their work referred to toward the end of the article.

Google Fred Summarized

First off, the main target of Google Fred’s main target is sites that are laden with advertisements and have been built essentially to drive ad network (mainly AdSense) revenue. google fred sameer joshi top internet marketer

Secondly, These have also be found to be practically devoid of valuable and high-quality content and of practically no real value to the reader.

And if you just said “Well, I don’t have AdSense ads running on my page(s), what the *bleep* do I care about this?”, then you’re right, to a limited extent – in fact, most of my readers are.

So, very broadly, Google’s Fred update seems to be targeted at sites that have been engaging in Black Hat SEO tactics (this refers to shady SEO tactics and has nothing to do with attire, per se). Fred is, as a consequence, of the much talked about Google Penguin and working to removing web spam.

Fred is, as a consequence, of the well known Google Penguin and working to removing web spam.

But there is another dimension to this which is critical for you, and I’ll talk about this in just a bit, but first…

Sshhhh…Here Cometh da Secret

It is a well know fact that what Google is up to is almost always a closely guarded secret. And rightfully so because secrecy about what goes into the Ranking Algorithm also helps them fulfill their mission in the best possible way (yes, they do have a mission – I checked it out and you can, too).

Now, Google does somewhat to the tune of 600 updates a year to their Ranking Algorithm and it is unusual that updates on all should come out. There are some awesome people like Barry Schwartz out there (also the founder of the SEO Roundtable). Barry and his work spanning the last 13 years makes it possible for the broader world to understand search engine optimization a bit better.

Who Got Hit By Google Fred

Owing to the work of Barry, in which he’s analyzed over 100 domains for a possible impact through Google Fred (covering sites in USA, UK, Germany etc.), I’ll pick out one site that I know of personally, too. It is a German site (and I am currently in Germany, so it fits perfectly). The site is about weight loss tips and tricks. As one of my other online activities is a vegan diet based site, I know the food, diet, health and weight loss niche fairly well, I’d say.

Here’s how the German site abnehmtipps4u.de fared on Google.de

google fred sameer joshi top internet marketer

The domain operator of this site himself recently revealed at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) in Munich mid-March 2017 something astonishing (by the way, the SMX is a conference for search engine marketing and search engine optimization). He revealed that he himself was quite surprised that the domain had survived so many updates before. A closer look reveals that this site is a classic case study of the missed AdSense block leading to “too many affiliate links”. Bam! says Google Fred!

I Don’t Have AdSense Ads on my site – What Do I Care About Google Fred?google fred sameer joshi top internet marketer

Read the second of the two statements I made earlier from my understanding i.e. sites “practically devoid of valuable and high-quality content and of practically no real value to the reader”.

Now combine this with “too many affiliate links” from the abnehmtipps4u.de and ask yourself this:

  • Do my sites / does my site have fresh content that is of value to the reader? And is it being posted regularly?
  • Is my site too full of affiliate links that it becomes evident that the idea of having it is not the value provided through content but value extracted through countless affiliate links?

We’ll never know what exactly goes into the Ranking Algorithm but one thing is sure: The search engines are very smart. They pick these things up (even if we think they can’t or don’t), and they respond based on how they are designed to respond to this – coldly, rationally.

My Traffic Comes From Everywhere Other Than Search Engines – Now What?

google fred sameer joshi top internet marketerTrue! If the traffic to your site or online business comes mainly from email marketing or social media marketing, bloggingsolo ads or affiliate marketing in general etc., then this should not bother you much – or even at all, as a matter of fact. And remember that making money online, even if it is the first dollar or first sale changes everything.

Yet, I know (of) many online entrepreneurs who have invested thousands into their respective businesses and are yet to see a few hundred dollars in return after consistent efforts. Most bloggers, I recently heard, make to the tune of 5o bucks a month from their blog (what?!)

The Truth about SEO Traffic and Google Fred

Here’s the thing. We all want traffic. Ideally free traffic. As much as we can possibly get for our business. In fact, without traffic, our business is like a shack standing in the middle of nowhere, with no one coming visiting or buying. The efforts without traffic are actually a waste of time. google fred sameer joshi top internet marketer

Irrespective of what the latest update has been, credible search engines (and Google especially so) are ALWAYS going to love

  • Fresh and valuable content
  • Regular posting of such content
  • Content containing not just videos but properly structured TEXT, because search engines need something they can “read” (indexable content), not “watch” or “listen” to)
  • Proof that other places within the internet point to your content (social proof or “backlinks”). These have to be quality backlinks and not crappy or spammy ones.

There are numerous more details to this but this is essentially the gist. If you do this, Google Fred and other updates will come and go, or be here to stay – it won’t matter. You’ll be on the right side of things and your content will be found. Basically, you need to ensure that humans and bots alike that your site is a credible source of information.

Boost Your Site’s Credibility With My FREE Gift

When we’re new and just starting out with our sites, we actually don’t have much genuine credibility in the marketplace (or with search engines, as a consequence). This is especially the case with, though not just limited to, the those in affiliate marketing, niche marketing, CPA marketing etc. The two major problems faced with their websites,

  1. Content
  2. Authority

Generally, speaking good quality content is not easy to create and many take shortcuts (which is why Google Fred’s around now). But even if sites have good quality content (such as the one on this site, I’d like to add in humility – hehe), many sites out there don’t have the authority. In order to get clicks and organic traffic, you have to have authority. The user needs to be able to trust you.

The solution lies in this FREE plugin I have for you today, developed by my friend and very successful marketer and made available to me to provide to you. Not only does it solve the problem of authority, but also uses a very novel way to using quality content to be associated with your website.

And then it helps you generate traffic from social media while increasing the credibility and authority of your website all along the way. How cool is that?!

Click here or below to grab your FREE copy of the plugin and also see how it works!

jack jacker plugin sameer joshi top internet marketer

Over To You

How does your site fare with search engines? Does it attract organic free traffic? I’d love to know what your experiences in this area are. And if you are new to this arena of how to make your site search engine friendly WITHOUT being an SEO guru (I am certainly not one), then you’re in the perfectly right place. We are on this journey together. I do not intend to ever become an SEO Master but I do aspire to know just about enough to keep my site(s) on the right side of search engines. And to improve the rankings of what I post by doing so. That’s my goal. I’d love for you to join me and we’ll have a lot to share and learn from each other.

If you found this article about the Google Fred update, we’d love for you to share it with your friends. Just click on the share button(s) below. And see you again soon in one of the next posts here.

To your success.

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