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ne of my digital businesses is an online store for physical products and this store is hosted by a platform called Shopify. Online stores is an awesome way of providing physical products to your customers. And social platforms such as Facebook are great ways of driving traffic to Shopify stores.

Though which social platforms drive the most traffic? What should Shopify store owners look out to target advertising? What are the pitfalls? Read on to find out:

Delivery Model

The model that I use does not need me to hold the physical inventory for the products I am providing to my customers. And pretty much like a digital products store, a physical products online store is also highly scalable. So, if you are interested in having such a store some day, or just interested in knowing which top social media platforms drive most sales for such stores, this article is just perfect for you. And as Shopify hosts so many stores for thousands of entrepreneurs in various markets, the I’d consider the results to be very representative, broadly speaking. So, read on…

Shopify recently conducted an extensive data analysis exercise by looking at a total of 37 million visits via social media to all online shops (just like mine) they host. These visits converted to just under 530,000 e-commerce orders! Now that is a lot of data to analyze and the results are invaluably powerful. Shopify posted these in an infographic on their site about which the top social media platforms were that drove sales in their shops. And what I am going to do here is to take it a step further and break these results down in more detail for you, as I believe that most of them apply also to digital products online businesses, too.

I’ll focus on the most relevant categories and findings here. So, let’s get started….

Top Social Media Platforms Looked At


Screen-Shot-2016-06-06-at-23.39.23Most of the top social media platforms mentioned above are obviously very well-known, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. but there was also a network by the name of Polyvore that was looked at (and I concede that I hadn’t even heard about it until now – tsk tsk. Have you heard of Polyvore?!)

Top Social Media Platforms As Traffic Drivers

Surprise, surprise! Well, not really. As it turns out, from the list of top social media platforms, Facebook drives almost two-thirds of all social media visits to Shopify stores. That is over 23 million visits.


This just goes to prove that getting a good handle on how Facebook can be effectively leveraged to get visitors to your online business is absolutely key. And there are both free and paid methods to do so when using Facebook.

Facebook also dominates by far the number of orders placed by visitors coming from there. 85% of all orders belong to Facebook. They dominate some industry niches like Photography, Sports & Recreation, and Pet Supplies by almost 95%.

Average Order Value

This is the average value of an order placed a visitor in the Shopify store based on which social media platform this visitor came from. Remember Polyvore, the platform new to me until now? Well, it tops the leader board in a particular quarter of the year analyzed. Wow!Screen-Shot-2016-06-07-at-00.01.52

As the niche Polyvore is in is relevant to my store, I’ll be taking a closer look at it going forward. It just goes to prove that as an internet marketer, one is never done learning – there’s new stuff to learn every day!

Industries Not Dominated by Facebook

Now; this is where it gets really interesting, not just if you are in the digital products’ niche but also many of the niches listed in the picture below (and called industries). As it turns out, Facebook does not dominate in this context. Specifically for the digital products’ niche, a significant amount of orders generated by digital product stores in Shopify came from YouTube (a whopping 47%).Screen-Shot-2016-06-07-at-00.14.56

This just goes to prove that if you are in the digital products’ niche, or in any one of the other niches listed above, then you have to consider leveraging the power of YouTube (or the platform corresponding to your niche) together with your Facebook page to maximize visitors to your site or squeeze page. This is such a key learning. And though the results here are for Shopify stores, experience suggests that this is also a more broadly applicable phenomenon.


The above is truly a wealth of information and kudos to Shopify for doing the analysis and making the results available to not just customers like me but also to the internet marketing community as a whole. Like me, I hope you’ll be able to take home so key lessons to even further optimize your business with this.

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