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I love working with people and helping them to the best of my abilities. Here is a selection of some of the feedback I have so kindly received.

Those who have provided me testimonials - or will choose to do so at the bottom of this page, if they haven't already - will never really fully know how deeply they (will) have impacted me and my work. This is something I am truly grateful for - Gratitude that I cannot do justice to by expressing in words.

Tony Simms Lancashire UK
Randy Lierman Chesterfield MI TheRanManGroup LLC
Kimberly Thibodeaux Santa Fe NM, USA
Kristina Coyne Canberra, Australia
Glenn Shepher Manchester, UK
Michael Cheney Millionaire Marketer & Founder, Commissionology
Harald Ho Singapore
Dean Holland Millionaire Entrepreneur & CEO, Internet Profits

Hand-on-heart Sameer is someone you can trust

I was instantly impressed by what I saw when I saw Sameer and his website. My wife, who is usually more suspicious and cynical than I am, was immediately impressed, too! I can tell you hand-on-heart that this someone who you can trust. He is willing to share what he knows, and to help people. I want to give him my 100% endoresement.

Sameer has high integrity and delivers what he promises

Sameer and I partner because we have a similar background i.e. the corporate world. We are able to bring that knowledge and experience to the online world. We are known for the fact that we have high integrity, we do what we say and deliver what we promise.

Sameer is incredibly intelligent & generous

This is one of the easiest testimonials. Sameer is incredibly intelligent, incredibly generous and just wonderful at what he does. He has taken what he has learned in his offline business ventures - of which there have been many, and where he's played at a very high level - and applied it to the online business world. He's been incredibly helpful to me along the way and I'd recommend him to anyone who's thinking of working with him - you won't be sorry. You'll be very successful, learn a lot AND you'll have a great time! I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who has a chance to work with Sameer to do so!

Don't work with Sameer before watching this!

Working with Sameer is just a wonderful experience. I have learned - and continue to learn - from him. He has a wealth of experience and is always very generous with sharing whatever he knows. It is truly amazing. So, if you want someone who is truly fabulous, go with Sameer!

Sameer is one of the most dedicated, driven and clearly focused people you'll meet

You won't find easily someone who's as dedicated, focussed and clearly driven as Sameer is at what he does. If you have the chance to work with him in whichever capacity possible, especially if he's guiding you to get you and your business to achieve increasingly higher levels of success, then I strongly recommend you snap up that opportunity. You cannot imagine what you'll have missed if you don't - take my word for it.

I can vouch for Sameer & he can for me

Sameer and I have known each other online for quite a while. We connected and we've got a close relationship. He can vouch for me and I can vouch for Sameer.

Help is Sameer's habit and business!

Sameer will go out of his way to help others. He is very knowledgable about his online business and shares with me and others he works with his secrets of success. The most important thing is that he HAS success - and not just the $200-300 but solid 4-figure paydays with is online business. If you have the chance to work with Sameer, I strongly encourage you to do so.

Sameer's the real deal - such an impressive guy!

What I have seen Sameer achieve, not only for himself but how he has helped others in business online, has been just astounding to me. Such an impressive guy. If he's someone guiding you right now, I encourage you wholeheartedly to follow his advice.

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