This Is Where It All Begins

Hello Everyone! I’m Sameer Joshi, Ph.D.  Until recently, the offline world of business is the only place of business I have known. I have a very successful career in the corporate world (Fortune 500 multinational) behind me. I discovered that despite all the upsides of that life, it was not fulfilling me. I have since gone on to establish a manufacturing business, which is in the green/ sustainable area. I feel very strongly about conserving the environment.

Where It All Begins – My Motivation

In addition to this, I am very motivated to implement another keen desire of mine. And this is to establish an online, home-based business. There is a multitude of reasons for me wanting to do so, some of which are

  • building a business that is ethical and sustainable. This emanates mostly out of my own research AND experience that there is a lot of miscommunication and even scammy behavior in the internet marketing niche.
  • getting to know – and be successful – in the online business domain. I have been active in the offline world for decades now and I don’t want to look back on today when I’m in my 80’s or more and think to myself that I missed out on embracing a changing world.
  • growing this business over the years so that it provides not just for me but also for the hopefully many other people associated with it in various capacities.
  • ….

Where It All Begins – Not Totally New Territory For Me

Now, Doing business online is not entirely new to me. I have related e-commerce activities and I have made affiliate commissions as well.

However, as I write this, this is the very first time I am using my own name and brand to establish a business online which is aimed at helping others – entrepreneurs just like myself – on getting started online and providing them the right tools to get going. In this unique way, this is where it all begins on this journey for me.

And like I mentioned earlier, the most important thing for me – as the online industry is full of misinformation and scammy products and programs – is that whatever I do is ethical and that it supports the establishment and growth of an ethical business online.

I have the support of a mentor who, together with his team, provides me the guidance to do what I am doing. I believe having a mentor is the single most important thing an online entrepreneur can do. Without the support of a mentor, I have felt lost and overwhelmed in my earlier attempts to establish an online business. It is also because of this that those attempts have led to some success but not to sustainable success.

This time, however, it is going to be different. I have a clear plan of action, which my mentor has helped me develop through his training. And I have an insatiable desire to succeed as an online entrepreneur. So, while I know that this is where it all begins, I know that this is where it all begins, the course of the journey is all clearly charted out. I just need to keep taking consistent action to get there.

With the system my mentor has developed, total beginners are building sustainable businesses online in a relatively short period. Yet, I am not in a burning hurry and in no mood to take short cuts. I want to build a solid foundation. And the key part of this foundation is the blog, which you are currently visiting a reading this blog post.

I have built this entire blog post on my on, without the help of developers or similar and taught myself step-by-step how to do so.

Using the system described above or any of its constituent products, I am yet to make a sale or commission online. I am a complete newbie in this area. And this is also totally different to the e-commerce or affiliate marketing activities that I have been involved in in the past.

So this is where it all begins!

To success,

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Dr. Sameer Joshi is on a mission, which is to provide you with ethical, useful, easy-to-implement insights on how to grow your online business. Insights which will help you get set up the right way, drive traffic and increase conversions. Sameer has created this blog with you in mind and writes most of the posts here. Read more about Sameer here.

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