Top 3 Blogging Tips Glass Crystals Teach


How much more unrelated can the topics “Glass Crystals” and “Blogging” be? Totally disconnected, at first glance, for sure! Blogs are not made out of glass (at least this one is not), and I am let to come across crystals are made out of words. Yet, bloggers can learn a lot(!) from looking at beautifully crafted, dazzling glass crystals, as I recently found out. On a holiday in Europe – Italy, and Austria, specifically – I got to visit with my family the world famous Swarovski Crystals museum in Austria. It was a delight to be back visiting there after over a decade. Yet this time, I learned the top 3 blogging lessons glass crystals teach bloggers unsolicitedly.

Keen to know what they are and how they can help you take your blog to the next level? And if your blog is not performing the way you think it should, could you be not doing one or more of these exact 3 things? Read further to find out and be “dazzled”…

Top 3 Blogging Lessons Glass Crystals Teach Crystals, or lead glass, has been around for quite a while now. It is used for ornamental and decorative purposes, but also as glassware to store and serve drinks. It has a special chemical composition compared to other glass types, which lends it its beauty. Though it is still “only glass” – and not diamonds or other gemstones – it looks immediately brilliant and attractive.

The beauty and dazzle of the crystals trace back to the chemical composition of the glass used for making crystals, and how they are cut and polished. Getting glass to look like precious stones, effectively, is hence a matter of pure craftsmanship and mastery. Looking at these crystals from a distance or very close proximity is an absolute delight for the eyes.

And they also teach the following really important 3 lessons to bloggers. Here’s what I learned from the crystal I saw there:

#1 of 3 Blogging Tips:  Be Crystal Clear

While there are various types of glasses out there, the glass used for crystals is usually absolutely clear. Top 3 Blogging Lessons Glass Crystals TeachOne can see the flawless clarity of the glass without any effort at all. Clarity is usually also what makes the crystal what it is.
And this is such an important thing to have in a blog or blog post – absolute clarity. There cannot be any room for vagueness, or what could or could not be meant. The message you are trying to communicate to your reader should jump out immediately and effortlessly.

That’s the first, and probably most significant, of the blogging tips crystals impart to us bloggers. Be clear as a crystal.

#2 of 3 Blogging Tips: Go Way Beyond the Initial Dazzle

Crystals have a very attractive dazzle to them, as you’ve surely noticed. That’s also what makes them beautiful so instantly beautiful. Though looking at it more closely, there is a lot more to the crystal than just the dazzle it has as seen from far or near. It is beautifully crafted, carefully and very accurately cut, and in shapes and sizes that make sense.Top 3 Blogging Lessons Glass Crystals Teach The craftsperson creating the crystal goes way beyond ensuring that the crystal “just looks good” from a distance. And that’s how blogs and blog posts should be, too.

Consider subject lines, which I recently wrote about here on this blog, to be the dazzle. They have to be immediately attractive and get the reader to open the blog post and read. Yet immediately after that happens, massive amounts of value needs to follow. Basically, readers should go out with more knowledge they had before they engaged with the blog’s or blog post’s content. Just like the crystals that don’t only dazzle from a distance but are intricate products of master craftsmanship when looked at closer. So, the second of the 3 blogging tips glass crystals teach is to Always over deliver on Value in the blog.


#3 of 3 Blogging Tips: Make Your Blog More of YOU

What I visited was a crystal museum, as I mentioned. And a museum – in the nature of things – has many exhibits. This one does, too. And almost all of the exhibits have a description about the work of art, often also in the words of the artist who made it. In the descriptions I read, I almost invariably came across the description by the artist about what they were going through, or what their thoughts were while creating “crystal magic” (I’ll just call it that).Top 3 Blogging Lessons Glass Crystals Teach

It is almost as if looking at those intricate works of art – either a small crystal or elaborate arrangements of many of them – was like reading the story of the artist who created them. The artists had put their heart and soul in their works of art and it was so clear by looking at their masterpieces. The more one looked, the more one uncovered the story – it was amazing!

And this is exactly what a blog also has to be – and communicate to the outside world. My blog has to be me! In my very own, most authentic for I can ever replicate. And this applies to anyone with their own blog with they themselves representing it. Your blog, as a consequence, has to be YOU! This is the 3rd and probably also the most crucial of the 3 blogging tips I’m writing about here. Share your background, where you are coming from, your story, failures, successes, thoughts, ideas. Put into your blog your heart, and your soul. When you do that, your blog will automatically become YOU!

Check Out This Video I Made And Transmitted Live


While in Austria, in a neighboring city to where the museum is, I shot this video live and shared it with my friends and groups on Facebook. Check it out – you’re going to love it!

How You Fit Into All This

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