Top 5 Essentials for Supercharged & Best Email Subject Lines


You DO NOT get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether you’re a newbie to email marketing or have been around for a while, you’ve surely heard that very famous quote / statement before. In fact, 64% or the readers, according to a study, open an email based only on what the subject line is. Wow!

Every time you send out an email, that email has only ONE chance of making a first impression, based on which it will either be opened, or not. So if it is this crucial, how do you’re using the best email subject lines possible? Read further to find out the essentials…

Now, to those who are thinking that the first impression is made actually the name of the sender (you, or your company’s name). Well, that’s absolutely true. Remember this, though, that the person reading your email is already on your of subscribers. While the trust is already there, the recipient might well be subscribed to many other lists. In an already overflowing inbox, this is about YOUR email getting opened. And that’s why the very best email subject lines need to be used.

So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Essentials for Supercharged Subject Lines:

1.The Best Email Subject Lines Offer Instant Value Through Value2 200

Just by a brief glance the subject line, the perceived value to the reader should be instantly clear. There should be no room for any vagueness about what the content that follows has to offer it needs to be instantly clear.

For your reader, to feel that their experience opening and reading your mail will be valuable is as crucial as it is priceless.

2. Use Data and Numbers

Wherever relevant, use numbers in the subject line. A research study found that the use of numbers and data are the top factor in headline preferences. Wondering why? Well, let’s do a little test:

“Here are 10 things I suggest you do”

 “Here are ten things I suggest you do”

Read the above statements in quotes and notice that they have exactly the same content. Though, which one of them stands out with the clearer message? I think the majority will agree that it is the one on the left with the numbers in it.

Why is this so? Because of what is called “pattern interrupts”. Numbers between text lend contrast and we are visually attracted to it. It is visually jarring – in a very good way!

So if you have something to write about where you could use numbers, go for it. Don’t make things up and force the use of numbers, though – this has to be natural.

Here are some examples:

  • Top 5 Essentials for Supercharged Email Subject Lines
  • Grow Your Business by 100% in 100 Days Using This!

3.The Best Email Subject Lines are Typically Concise

The inbox is a very crowded place. And we all lead busy lives. With all the emails being written and sent, there is a lot to read. I believe that if I were to really read and act upon all the emails I receive daily, then I’d be doing only that all day.

A study found that subject lines fewer than 10 words had an open rate of 58%. Another research study found that open rates for short subject lines were higher than for long ones.

And as we live in the “mobile” age, remember that most emails will be opened on a mobile device. This is true for 40% of emails, which are opened on a mobile device first. Ideally, 4-6, maybe 7 words is what is easily readable on a mobile device. Try to ensure that the core of your subject line’s message is in the first 7 words. This will truly serve you well.

4. Generate Scarcity & Urgency

This one is really quite simple, so I won’t elaborate further, other than using this example:

  • Version A: Enough Copies Left – Come Back Anytime and Get Yours!
  • Version B: Hurry! Only 16 Copies Left. Grab Yours Now!ticktock

Which one would you personally be motivated to open and take action? I think most of us will agree that it is Version B.

Remember this: Your email’s aim is to convert your reader to take action. If it is a sales page, then to lead to the sale. If you are building your list, then their action would be to subscribe. And if you are providing pure content, then they still need to take action: open and read it!

Subject lines that communicate a sense of scarcity (exclusivity is another form of scarcity) and urgency can get a 22% higher open rate, according to a study. As a marketer, hence, your task at hand is to convince your reader that they need to take ACTION, and take it NOW!

5. The Best Email Subject Lines Generate Instant Curiosity

Now you might be wondering that you have enough to do with getting the 4 essentials above right, and now also the 5th. Well, this one pretty much like the icing on the cake, shall we say. Read this:

Are These Also Your 2 Fatal Mistakes Online?

Your first and very understandable reaction after reading this would be: “What?!
My mistakes?
Well, I probably did!
That’s why I am not generating enough success.
Well, What the heck is this about, anyway??
Wouldn’t it be better for me to just find out what this is??!”


That’s generating curiosity through email subject lines right there. As a result, the likelihood that your mail’s recipient would open and read your mail are very, very high.

How You Fit Into This

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